Judy and Walter Koenig, former Star Trek star who played Pavel Chekov, are asking the public for help in locating their son, former Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig, who has been missing since February 14.

According to the Star Trek actor, his son Andrew, 42, suffers from depression and was last seen in Vancouver. He didn’t show up for his February 16 flight back to L.A., which caused his parents to be alarmed.

“We still have not heard from Andrew,” Judy Koenig tells RadarOnline.com as she tries to remain stoic and strong. And though her son has been missing for nearly two weeks, she and her husband are satisfied with the efforts of the police.

“We began an active investigation on February 18,” Constable Tim Fanning of the Vancouver Police Department told RadarOnline.com. “It is an ongoing investigation.”

Meanwhile, Walter Koenig has ruled out drugs as an issue to his son’s disappearance, adding that there’s no specific situation that would have caused his disappearance in spite of his troubled state. ¬†

“I think it’s something that has been a part of his makeup for a long time. There’s no single trauma. There’s no episode. There’s nothing of that nature,” Walter says.

Aside from playing Richard “Boner” Stabone on Growing Pains, Andrew Koenig is also credited for his work on 21 Jump Street, My Two Dads, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where he played Tumak. He was last seen in the science fiction movie InAlienable, which his father wrote and starred in.

Source: Radaronline.com, People
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