It’s Electra… boogie-woogie-woogie. (Apologies to those who do not appreciate “Electric Slide” references at the beginning of your articles.)

As we approach the fourth week of the So You Think You Can Dance competition, it’s time for yet another guest judge to appear. And this week’s celebrity (sort of) is Carmen Electra.

Yes, really. It turns out that the semi-infamous star has a history as a dancer. Before she became known for television (primarily Baywatch and Singled Out) and for marrying fairly extreme and notable men (primarily Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro), Electra was a dancer. She performed with the Pussycat Dolls, in addition to several other, less notable dancing gigs.

Carmen Electra is no Debbie Reynolds, of course, but she’ll do.

Joining guest judge Carmen Electra in week 4 of So You Think You Can Dance are a performance group and a musical act. The dancers are from Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, a choreography-oriented company from New York City. The week 4 musical guest will be Florence and the Machine, the chart-topping band responsible for “Dog Days Are Over” and several other hits.

Is Lady Gaga Appearing Soon?

It was announced during the first week of the SYTYCD competition that Lady Gaga would be appearing as a guest judge at some point during season 8. It’s possible that she could arrive at the show as early as next week. confirmed over the weekend that the singer would definitely be a guest judge on the program before the season was over. Nigel Lythgoe was quoted as saying that Lady Gaga would “give great advice on how to handle yourself, how to be creative with what you do, and how to be a fabulous performer.”

There is no firm date for Gaga’s turn at the judges’ table, but that definitely fits the pattern for the season — no guest judge has been officially announced until the week of her appearance. Could we hope for a Lady Gaga-show soon?

Maybe. Whenever she does come, it will be spectacular.

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