The great thing about So You Think You Can Dance is that you get hooked on your favorite in the season.  I knew quickly how much I would like and root for former contestants like Travis, Hok, or Danny.  The bad thing about the show is that once the tour is over, it’s hard to track down these former reality stars and find out what they’re up to.  Fortunately, there’s MySpace where many reality stars head to update their fans on life after the cameras turn off.  Many participants from So You Think You Can Dance go on to teach, choreograph, dance professionally, etc.  Here are updates on some of your favorite dancers and where you can find them!

Season 2 fan favorite Travis Wall recently made the big move to New York and he didn’t go there alone.  He’s rooming with fellow contestant Ivan Koumaev and the two have a lot on their plates.  According to Wall’s MySpace page, he is working with two separate dance companies as well as teaching around the country.  He has a big announcement coming but says he can’t tell his fans until all the details are solidified. 

After leaving the show, many contestants go on to teach master classes to aspiring young dancers.  Season 3 contestant Lauren Gottlieb is doing just that and will be making a stop in Boston at the end of this month.  On January 31, she’ll teach two master classes at The Radisson Hotel in Rockland, just outside of Boston.  An autograph session will follow and dancers will get the opportunity to work closely with a contestant who not only made the final four in season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance but assisted choreographed Tyce DiOrio in season 2. 

Season 3 contestant Kameron Bink is also teaching and will be in Jacksonville, Florida on February 4 and 5.  Fellow dancer Jaimie Goodwin is traveling the country in early 2008 at various dance conventions held by the New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA).  Her next appearance will take place January 26 and 27 in Portland, OR.

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– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: MySpace
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV