The Dancing with the Stars Tour is still going strong across the country and the stars and the pros are working hard to bring the fun live to the fans of the show.

Derek Hough is working especially hard; he’s in 13 numbers on the show, and dances five of those back to back! He says it’s an “absolute marathon” but also thinks the tour is actually more fun than the show itself due to the live interaction with the fans. (It probably helps keep him motivated through that marathon run that some girls in the audience actually scream for him!)

Derek got his shot on the show Dancing with the Stars by first dancing in the 2006 tour of the show. He says that being on the tour this time is very different.

“After being on the show,” he told TV Guide, “you feel like the audience might expect more from you. Before, nobody knew me, so there wasn’t very much pressure. And I knew that they were focusing on the people they saw on television, the people they had been connecting with. Now, there’s a little more pressure and I’ve got to make sure I do a really good job. I don’t want to let them down.”

That said, the Dancing with the Stars pro still tries to keep in mind that the point of it all is to have a good time.

“In live shows,” he said, “it’s about entertainment. It’s about having fun. As long as we’re portraying a good atmosphere and a very light feeling, then the audience can walk out feeling like they saw a good show.”

Of course, there are still rough spots to work through, but Derek’s positive attitude helps. He recalled, “During [one] run-through, I completely blanked out when I danced the cha cha with Sabrina. I just completely blanked. And then she blanked. So for a minute, we were both sort of standing there and it was kind of embarrassing. But when things like that happen, you just gotta laugh and have fun with it.”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: TV Guide
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