Open mouth, insert foot.  Last week, I ranked Katee Sheen dead last for her behavior during Vegas week.  Little did I know that, after making Top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance, we saw her pair up with Joshua Allen and break out a killer hip hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo.  This catapults her to the top of this week’s power rankings.  Many dancers at the top of my list slid way down the rankings either due to partnership, lack of chemistry, or lack of ability to adapt to other genres.  Read on for this week’s rankings before tomorrow night’s performance episode.  See what you think and post your thoughts, too!

9. Jessica King

Jessica now has two things working against her. She was hardly shown in the audition episodes and she had a rough start with her tango. Her partner was brilliant. She, on the other hand, looked uncertain and unstable. She’ll need to do some serious work this week in order to keep herself out of the bottom three. She owes it to her partner.

8. Kourtni Lind

I want to get behind Kourtni and root for her. She’s so tall, though, that I don’t know how she’s going to fare as a partner in any ballroom routine. Hopefully, this week, she pulls contemporary or hip hop which will keep her around to see another week in this competition.

7. Courtney Galiano

I ranked Courtney first last week and I hate that she’s dropped so far. I don’t see her having the chemistry with Gev to make it too far before one of them goes home. I hope it’s him before her because I feel she has more to offer and is a more well-rounded dancer, even though I appreciate when Gev brings to the table.

6. Chelsea Traille

I’m a fan of Chelsea Traille. She’s beautiful and she’s a great dancer. She shook it big time in the cha cha on last week’s episode and I think got a bad rap because of partner, Thayne Jasperson. Those two have zero chemistry and, like Courtney and Gev, it’s only a matter of time before one of them goes home. Also like Courtney and Gev, I hope she sticks around longer than he does.

5. Comfort Fedoke

Comfort has a lot to offer this competition. She’s fun to watch as a dancer, performer, and as a contestant. She is also stuck with a partner with whom she has no chemistry but I have faith that they can make it work. While last week didn’t quite do it for me, a solid hip hop routine should guarantee her more fans and more votes.

4. Susie Garcia

I was a little tough on Susie last week, especially about her appearance and her choice of clothing in the audition rounds. After watching her waltz, I see that Susie has a lot of grace. Here’s my advice: Class it up. Lose the Christina Aguilera a la Dirty hairstyle and just let your talent speak for itself.

3. Kherington Payne

Kherington really impressed me with her Broadway routine last week.  I mean, she’s got it made, with partner, and fan favorite, Twitch Boss.  Kherington, though, not only held her own.  She shined.  She performs like no one else and just has an electricity that keeps your eyes on her.  I’m really interested to see more from her and how she grows as the competition wears on.

2. Chelsie Hightower

Like Mary said on Wednesday, Chelsie is a ballroom dancer.  She shouldn’t have been able to do half the stuff that Mia Michaels choreographed for her and partner, Mark Kanemura.  But she did do it and she was great.  I didn’t love the routine but I appreciated that a ballroom dancer really impressed in a contemporary piece.  All she has to do is prove she’s mastered hip hop and she should sail right to final 4.

1. Katee Sheen

Last week, Katie Sheen was ranked dead last going into the Top 20 performances. She said she wouldn’t audition again if she didn’t make the show, which rubbed the judges the wrong way. This week, she displayed her passion for dance with an emotional hip hop routine with partner Josh Allen. She made me want to watch YouTube 50 times and learn the dance. If she can do that week after week, she’ll be around all summer long.

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– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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