Last time on So You Think You Can Dance, we said goodbye to Team Street’s Jessica “JJ” Rabone and Team Stage’s Edson Juarez. The cuts will only get more brutal, dance fans.

Is your favorite dancer safe? Who will be sent home next?

Buckle up, people. This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

We start off the show with a group jazz routine that is very weird and creepy. I am not a fan of this piece, which was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Cat Deeley, looking smart as usual, reveals that the winner last time was Team Street. Now let’s welcome our judges: Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo and Nigel Lythgoe. 

This season’s winner will receive $250,000 and a chance to dance with Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas show. Not too shabby!

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Virgil with All-Star Jasmine

African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman

This routine is about a man trying to sway a woman to the dark side. I like the raw athleticism and rhythm of this number. Nigel compliments Virgil’s strength while dissing his height. Paula tells Virgil that he “dances with joy and puts a smile on all of their faces.” 


Virgil is safe. 

Jim Nowakowski (Solo)

Jim fills us in on his first dance performance, where he was styled in a pink tuxedo. His solo is breathtaking.

Derek with All-Star Jaime

Contemporary choreographed by Tyce Diorio

This piece is about two people who lose their feelings for each other. It is simple and showcases Derek’s abilities. Better still, he is showing his emotions to the audience. Paula is proud of his progress in letting go during the dance. Jason calls it “a good performance,” but he doesn’t believe the connection. Nigel agrees with Jason.


Derek is in danger. 

Jana “JaJa” Vankova (Solo)

JaJa’s first dance performance was in a competition. Her solo is full of energy and personality. 

Hailee with All-Star Fik-Shun

Hip-Hop choreographed by Luther Brown

Hailee does okay, but Fik-Shin commands all of my attention. The duo gets a standing ovation from the judges. Jason calls the routine “flavorful,” and he loves it. Nigel thinks that the pairing is great and calls Hailee “a star.” 


Hailee is in danger.

Gaby Diaz (Solo)

Gaby’s first performance was a ballet routine at the age of 3 and she hid in the wings crying. Gaby taps to a Santana song and kills it.

Megz with All-Star Paul

Paso Doble choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux

It looks like Megz is struggling a bit with the dramatic choreography. Nigel states that the routine showed her lack of formal technique. Paula agrees with Nigel and recommends improving her posture and core strength. 


Megz is in danger.

Derek Piquette (Solo)

Derek’s first dance was a cheerleading dance, and he was a fill-in for an injured dancer. His solo highlights his athleticism and grace.

Neptune with All-Star Kayla

Jazz choreographed by Ray Leeper

This moody routine is about an estranged couple who come back together. I like it and think it shows a more mature side of Neptune. Paula thinks that Neptune’s lack of formal training is evident in this piece. Jason agrees and points out that the lifts were “kind of off-putting.”


Neptune is in danger.

Virgil Gadson (Solo)

Virgil’s first dance performance was on a front step during a family party. His solo is energetic and fun.

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Jim with All-Star Comfort

Hip-Hop choreographed by Christopher “Pharside” Jennings and Krystal “Phoenix” Meraz

This piece is about Perseus and Medusa. Jim gives it his all, but Comfort upstages him. It is also tough because Jim is not supposed to look at Comfort or he will turn to stone. Jason compliments Jim’s movements but tells him that he is not incorporating the spirit of hip-hop. Nigel agrees that Jim needs to let go more.


Jim is safe.

Hailee Payne (Solo)

Her first performance resulted in her being knocked down by older dancers. Her solo is definitely fun and showcases her personality.

Gaby with All-Star Robert

Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore

This number is about anxiety and how it makes us feel. This is my favorite piece of the night so far, and Gaby is stunning in the lovely piece. The duo also scores a standing ovation from all the judges. Nigel tells Gaby that she is “absolutely brilliant.” Paula compliments Gaby’s technique and raves that her performance was perfect. 


Gaby is safe.

Megan “Megz” Alfonso (Solo)

Megz’s first performance was with her brother, and she wore a pink ballerina skirt. Her solo is fierce and fresh. 

JaJa with All-Star Ricky

Broadway choreographed by Al Blackstone

This number is about a mobster and his wife who are sharing a prison cell. JaJa keeps pace with Ricky and is very light on her feet. The pair also receives a standing ovation from all three judges. Paula compliments JaJa’s ability to portray characters in whatever dance she is doing. Jason says that she is “a consummate dancer.” 


JaJa is safe.

Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge (Solo)

His first performance was at his father’s wedding reception. Neptune’s solo is full of attitude and energy.

Group Routine: Team Street

Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott

This routine is about a group of people hanging out on a hot summer night. It is fun and filled with personality.

Group Routine: Team Stage

Contemporary choreographed by Tessandra Chavez

This piece is about two couples involved in desperate and dangerous relationships. I love this piece and how well it conveys emotion. 

The Bottom Four





Who is Going Home?



Who is Safe?



I am not surprised that Derek was eliminated, but I am a bit surprised about Neptune.

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