Joe Bailey has gone to great lengths on Bachelor in Paradise just to be with “dream girl” Samantha Steffen. He led on widowed single mom Juelia Kinney and tricked her into giving him a rose so that he could stay in the competition long enough to be with Samantha, who’s seemingly in on the scheme.  In the process, he also mocked Clare Crawley’s reality TV tenure, called Dan Cox pathetic, called Mikey Tenerelli his bitch and threatened Jonathan Holloway, easily establishing himself as the worst villain in Bachelor Nation history. So the questions is… Are Joe and Samantha still together?

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Amidst thousands of backlash for his behavior in Paradise, Joe revealed on Twitter that he is in a committed relationship.

On the other hand, Samantha’s tweets speak volumes about how she feels about Joe– which probably means things didn’t work out for the 28-year-old fashion designer and 28-year-old insurance agent. 

Meanwhile, Joe has this to say about Sam’s tweets:

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