Despite another kid going home on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, it is a bit of a celebration as the show celebrates its 250th episode. One of the special performances is with judge Maddie Ziegler and choreographer Travis Wall. In addition, each of the remaining five contestants perform pieces they choreographed themselves, which is interesting and fun.

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Kicking It Off with Emotion

To kick off the 250th episode, the All-Stars and contestants perform a group number choreographed by Nick Florez and RJ Durrell set to Bjork’s “I Miss You.” It’s a weird little number that seems to work in such a large group of dancers.

The first contestant up is Tate, with her new haircut. She and Kathryn perform a Stacey Tookey number set to Glen Hansard’s “This Gift.” As usual, it’s beautiful and full of emotion. Jason goes as far as saying he enjoyed watching two All-Stars up on stage, while Nigel says Tate has a gift that he hopes she will go far with.

Bringing the Crump

Kida, at the end of what he calls a stressful week, brings crump back to the stage with Fik-Shun. The pair perform an energetic piece from Phoenix and Pharside set to “All the Way Up” by Fat Joe and Remy Ma featuring French Montana and Infared.

I think he pulls it off pretty well. Jason really enjoyed it. However, Nigel feels that Kida could have made his movement bigger. While he feels Kida did a good job with the challenging routine, it felt tight and the style was left cold. Paula sort of agrees but says Kida pushed through and found his personality through the difficult number.

Tapping with a Legend

Emma and Gabby get to perform a routine from tap legend Savion Glover. Glover describes his style as musical and describes the routine as classy. And classy it is. The number, set to “On the Sunny Side of the Street” by Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie, really showcases their “feet as the music,” as Gabby explains. Emma shines and shows off how much she’s grown since her audition. All of the judges agree that she “sat in the groove” and nailed the routine.

Another Compelling Performance

Fan and judge favorite J.T. slays another emotional routine with All-Star Robert. In another Stacey Tookey number, Robert and J.T. play a father and son in what J.T. calls a very technical piece set to “I’ll Keep You Safe” by Sleeping At Last. It’s filled with emotion, and all of the judges love it. Jason calls the performance compelling and is impressed with J.T.’s marriage between maturity and innocence.

Combining African Dance and Hip-Hop

Tahani and Comfort tackle a Dave Scott number, which is described as tribal hip-hop. It’s a fast-paced hip-hop routine with an African feel set to “WTF (Where They From)” by Missy Elliott featuring Pharrell Williams. The costumes and make-up are pretty impressive, as is the very high-energy routine. While I don’t think it’s Tahani’s best performance, it’s pretty decent because it’s a tough routine. Paula warns her to complete her large movements but loves the number. Nigel loves the routine too but says Tahani needs to make bigger movements.

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The Next Generation Takes Over

The second half of the show is handed over to the Next Generation. The kids are tasked with not only choreographing a routine with their All-Stars but also being in charge of music, costumes, make-up and concept.

First up is Tate. Her concept is called “Unmasked” and features her and Kathryn wearing masks throughout half of the routine with very drab costumes to represent insecure dancers. The routine, set to “Footprints” by Jeff Grace, is pretty decent with lots of detail. All of the judges, of course, love it, with Paula calling her a great choreographer in the making.

Kida is up next in what he calls the “Manipulator.” His concept is a robot, Fik-Shun, coming to life, and Kida has to teach him to loosen up. And in my opinion, this piece, set to “I Can Make Ya” by Fingazz, is much more impressive than Tate’s. It features lots of pop and locking and is fun and different. Again, the judges are impressed, and Nigel loves that Kida added humor to the routine, which he feels is important.

In a quick break for the kids, the All-Stars perform a Theresa Stone piece set to “Feel Again” by OneRepublic.

Cutie-pie J.T., of course, titles his routine “The Friendship Dance” with Robert. He brings Robert to tears as he explains that the routine is based on their friendship and how happy J.T. is to have Robert in his life. The number, set to “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars, is fun and cute, with plaid trousers to match. All of the judges love it, as Nigel explains that he’s captivated by J.T.

And in another quick break, the rest of the All-Stars perform an Al Blackstone number set to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Maroon 5.

Tahani really works to take Comfort out of her comfort zone in the “No Flex Zone” routine she choreographs. The concept is based on Grease, with Comfort as the nerd and Tahani as the popular girl. The song, “No Flex Zone” by Rae Sremmurd is obviously fitting. It’s a fun routine that allows Tahani to finally outshine Comfort. Paula is happy that Tahani rose to the challenge and is impressed with her determination.

Emma really redeems herself in her routines this time. Her choreography for her “Here with You” routine with Gaby is on point. In the routine, set to Pentatonix’s version of “Rather Be,” Emma really nails the fun, upbeat number she choreographs. It’s easy enough to keep up but still technically difficult. Maddie sees that Emma put a lot of effort into the routine and likes how the tap sounds are clear and perfect. Nigel thinks it’s brilliant.

Finally, Travis Wall performs with judge Maddie. The routine, set to “Cage of Bones” by Son Lux, is about the battle between light and dark. It’s a very physical and angry piece but also very well done.


In Nigel’s words of wisdom, he wants all the remaining contestants to know that it has been an incredible show, with not just the dancing but also the creativity in the choreographed routines. He wants whoever goes home to have the knowledge that they are absolutely sensational and will have a very bright future.

Going home is Tahani, leaving four remaining in the competition who will compete for the title.

Words of Wisdom

Nigel is spot-on each week with his words of wisdom. These kids will go so far in life if they keep up their drive and spirit in whatever they do, even if it’s not dance. Even though I originally thought Emma was going home, her routines the past two weeks have definitely been better. Tahani’s were good too, so it is sad to see her go. I would have been curious to see what she brought to the table in the final performance show. She has definitely grown up from the little girl who threw up on Paula.

J.T. has to be my favorite. Despite being that annoying but cute kid in the beginning, he has grown so much over the course of the competition. I’m completely amazed and in awe each week to find out what he and Robert will do. While I do enjoy Tate’s performances too, she brings the same thing to the table each week. But Kida is another one who has grown tremendously. I thought for sure he would have been out a long time ago, but he brings it each and every week and lets his personality shine through, which is huge. I think that in the end, it will come down to Tate and J.T. My vote is for J.T.

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