The end is in sight on Big Brother 18 and every move can get you one step closer to $500,000, or be your downfall. With seven HGs still in the house after a juror returned, who’s on the block this time?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Nicole Is the New HoH and Victor Is Back>>

She nominated Paul and Michelle.

Nicole’s target is Michelle because she knows that Big Meech is coming after her and Corey. Nicorey has struck up a tentative alliance with Paul and Victor that they’ve “creatively” called the Final Four.

Paul agreed to be used as a pawn, trusting that Victor and Corey would vote to keep him over Michelle and Nicole would be the tie-breaker. The promise is that if Michelle wins the Power of Veto, Natalie would most likely be the replacement nominee and get evicted. However, Nicole has already mentioned to Corey that the best-case scenario is Victor winning PoV and saving Paul, leaving her with no choice but to nominate Natalie.

Corey Wins the Final Care Package>>

Paul and Victor have done a pretty great job switching sides, especially since James and Natalie have grown very close to Michelle. The good news for Nicorey is that Corey won the final Care Package, the BB Bribe. They have already decided that if James or Natalie win the PoV and want to save Michelle, he can use the Bribe to convince them not to do it.


-Paul is the first person this season to be nominated five times. There have been 23 other HGs to be nominated this much, assuming you count not winning the Final HoH as being nominated. However, he is only the 11th male HG to be nominated five times.

-The last four Fan Favorites (James, Donny, Elissa and Frank) all had at least five nominations in their seasons, as did runners-up for the award like Johnny Mac and Nicole.

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