The So You Think You Can Dance hot tamale train pulls into Boston, where the talent is of historic proportions. Resident judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by director and choreographer Adam Shankman at the judges’ table. As usual, there are a few quirky characters (Bunny Dancer, anyone?) to round out the performances.

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Which Women Are Going to Vegas?

Ashley Goldman: She performs a spicy cha-cha with her partner (and former boyfriend), Phillip Kudryavstev. As the talkative part of the duo, Ashley’s sparkling personality helps secure a ticket to Vegas.

Katlyn Rodriguez:
This 18-year-old Brooklyn salsa dancer nearly has to bow out of her So You Think You Can Dance audition when her partner cancels. Katlyn’s younger brother steps in after only three hours of rehearsal. After receiving a standing ovation from the judges, Katlyn is sent to choreography and clinches her ticket to Las Vegas.

Jennifer Jones: 
This former ballerina performs a charismatic jazz routine that earns high marks for technique. She handily moves on to the Vegas round.

Shannon “Shizzy Shake” Tarantino:
She performs a contemporary number, which earns her a ticket to Las Vegas and my personal admiration for her catchy nickname.

Jenny Begley:
This ballerina from Colorado earns a standing ovation from Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman. Her brother, who traveled with her and made it financially possible for her to audition, is watching from the audience when Jenny is sent on to the Vegas round.

Elena Bersten:
She performs a Latin ballroom with her husband, Gene Bersten, and reserves their ticket to Las Vegas.

Alexia Juliano:
This tapper performs an emotional and compelling performance that earns her place in Vegas.

Kate Kapshandy:
This New jersey resident’s spicy Latin ballroom dance earns her a spot on Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train and a spot in Vegas. Kate is my favorite female dancer of the evening.

Which Men Are Going to Vegas?

Phillip Kudryavstev: He performs a cha-cha with his best friend, Ashley Goldman, and wins a spot in the next round.

Gene Bersten:
This Latin ballroom dancer auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance back in season 6, and wins a ticket to Vegas with his wife and dance partner.

Jason Kidd: His animation routine, which is my favorite male performance of the night, clinches a spot in Las Vegas.

Anthony Savoy:
This powerful ballet dancer captures the judge’s attention, and a ticket to the next round.

Tommy Tibball:
He auditioned in past seasons, and finally this contemporary dancer has his Vegas dream come true.

Toshihiko “Toshi” Nakazawa:
His humorous and entertaining blend of breaking, hip hop, and animation wins a standing ovation from the judges and a ticket to the next round.

Who’s NOT Going to Vegas?

John Tesoriero: This 21-year-old hip-hop dancer brings a beat box performer along with him to create his music. Although the judges recognize his artistic vision, he fails to secure a ticket after the choreography round.

Natalie Vilos:
She makes the decision to perform a jazz routine while wearing a giant fringed lampshade. (Yes, really.)  Natalie does not make it as far as choreography, but the shy-as-ever Adam Shankman seizes the opportunity to try on the fringed concoction and perform his own dance.

Ernest “E-Knock” Phillips:
His performance is one of the most emotional of the night, as he performs a hip-hop number inspired by the death of his cousin. After being sent to choreography, his Vegas dream comes to an end.

Anthony Bryant:
He auditioned in past seasons, and when the judges ask him to move on to the choreography round, he decides that is not acceptable and refuses.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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