It was an amazing night of competition on So You Think You Can Dance. There were a couple of routines that didn’t quite reach the same level as some of the other performances, but that said, much of the dancing was spectacular. 

Last time, we said goodbye to Team Stage’s Edson Juarez and Team Street’s injured Jessica “JJ” Rabone. So let’s take a look at the performances and see who will be exiting the stage next.

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The Best of the Night

Jana “JaJa” Vankova teamed with All-Star Alex for a dizzying Bollywood routine. It was fast, fun and energetic. JaJa’s facial expressions and personality just lit up the stage. It was one of my favorite routines of the night and definitely showed what a versatile dancer JaJa is. 

Another member of Team Street, Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge, joined All-Star Jasmine for a creep-tastic Pharside and Phoenix hip-hop routine about a monster and his bride. The piece blended crazy hip-hop moves with over-the-top theatricality. The duo even did a crab walk from a back-bend. I think that Neptune can rest easy that he won’t be vacating the stage anytime soon.

Tapper Gaby Diaz performed with All-Star Joshua for another Pharside and Phoenix hip-hop number. This piece, about a ninja and a geisha, was another fantastic routine that was fresh and fun. Gaby had swag for miles, and I think she will be safe for another week on the strength of this performance.

Who is in Danger?

Derek Piquette, who is a contemporary dancer, teamed up with All-Star Kayla for a Ray Leeper jazz routine. The piece was supposed to be steamy and sexy, but instead it came off as a series of technical movements. I didn’t feel any connection or chemistry between the dancers. Derek has been in danger for several weeks now, and I think he may be in the same situation after this performance.

Team Stage’s Jim Nowakowski performed with All-Star Jessica for a contemporary routine that failed to ignite. Although Jim is a fantastic technician, his lack of connection with Jessica, and the story of the piece, proved to be his downfall. If the audience also didn’t feel any emotional depth from Jim, then he could be headed home next time.

Megan “Megz” Alfonso danced with All-Star Marko in another Ray Leeper jazz routine  This piece, about the feeling that you get when your favorite song comes on the radio, was fun. However, compared to other performances, it just wasn’t as infectious or memorable as many of the other routines. Megz is one of my favorites on Team Street, but I think that this performance could hurt her as far as racking up votes. 

In the end, I predict that Team Stage’s Derek Piquette and Team Street’s Megan “Megz” Alfonso will be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance. Tune in next time to see if your favorite dancer will continue on in the competition.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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