Big Brother 9 had an interesting final 6. I’m wouldn’t go so far as to say that they were unlikable, but speaking honestly, they weren’t really my cup of tea.  They made the Big Brother house an interesting place, for sure, but never once did I think “Man, I’d love to hang out with those guys.”  One thing that I’ve noticed in this “Where are they now?” series is that almost all former Big Brother contestants seem to have a big “fan base.”  It’s hard to imagine why.  But, they do.  And, the Big Brother house guests love playing to their fans, responding to them on MySpace and with tons of interviews.  It’s a bizarre situation, one unique to Big Brother. 

In our final “Where are they now?” article, we take a look at the top 6 finalists from Big Brother 9:

James:  James, it appears, has been a busy man since the season ended.  Mostly, he’s been partying.  He stayed in Los Angeles for a little bit,  then he went back to Richmond, Virginia for a while.  He said he was going to start his bike trip again, traveling the world, but the plan is on hold.  He’s back in Los Angeles right now (supposedly) and he’s postponing the bike trip until after Big Brother 10, which means he probably is in talks to be on House Calls for the upcoming season. 

Natalie: Natalie is back in Oregon, working as a bikini barista.  She’s painting mermaids and self-portraits in her down time (I know), and contemplating a move to Los Angeles.  For what, who knows. 

Sharon: Apparently, she’s back together with Jacob.  If I may add my two cents: bad, bad decision.

Sheila: From the best I can tell, Sheila is simply back at home with her son, enjoying her freedom. 

Ryan:  Ryan and Jen went on a Caribbean cruise soon after the season ended.  They have moved in together, and Ryan is going right back to school.  He is scheduled to finish up in the winter.

Adam: Baller is enjoying life.  While he was inside the Big Brother house, Adam was fired from his job, leaving him no place of employment to come back to.  He doesn’t really need a job right now, considering he won the $500,000 grand prize on Big Brother.  It appears as if he’s returned home to Florida after a bit of a vacation.  He has rescinded his commitment to give half his winnings to charity, which probably has something to do with how much of the 500k will be taxed.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityBBQ, MySpace, Wikipedia
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Oscar Dahl

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