To promote her new book, Bossypants, which came out today and should be in all your e-Kindles and iCarts already, Splitsider reports that Tina Fey will head back to the real 30 Rockefeller to host Saturday Night Live on April 30. Hooray! But they didn’t list a source. Hmm. Guess we’ll need to wait and see.

(It makes you wonder: Was that the “30 Rock” Tom Hanks was talking about in his tweet? Did he get mixed up and say Tina Fey when he meant Elton John? Will he make multiple cameos this month? Are parenthetical rhetorical questions a good way of phrasing my completely baseless speculation about things that probably aren’t All That Important?)

Meanwhile, Helen Mirren is hosting this Saturday, and her promos with Fred Armisen are right here. The last one is very, very GIF-able. Will someone make me a GIF of it right now, please?

Here’s the video on NBC’s site for you non-American, no-Hulu-allowed folks.

(Image: NBC)