Not long ago, we postulated that Betty White, like bacon, makes everything better. That certainly held true when it came to the ratings for this weekend’s much anticipated episode of Saturday Night Live. Riding a tide of Facebook and online support, Betty White’s visit to Saturday Night Live boasted the highest ratings for the show in nearly two years.

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Since Betty was so successful on SNL, there’s a new online petition in support of inviting the octogenarian to co-host the Emmys this August 29.  Abe Gurko at the Huffington Post is pushing hard for Betty to co-host TV’s biggest night and has created a Facebook page much like the one that helped Betty land the SNL gig.
Jimmy Fallon is already tapped to host the Emmys, but considering his friendly matches of beer pong with Betty, it seems like he would delight in sharing the stage with this unlikely resurging comedienne.

After all, if Betty White can make Saturday Night Live laugh-out-loud funny again, we’re apt to think she can do anything.

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Abbey Simmons

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