In the last article, you were asked to pick your favorite team-centric episode. In this slideshow, I count down ten of the best team moments from the series so far.

#10 Happy birthday Spence (“Plain Sight”)

The team celebrated Reid’s (Matthew Gray Gubler) 24th birthday, complete with trick candles and a ridiculous hat for the birthday boy. This was a great early team moment and also highlighted JJ’s (A.J. Cook) special nickname for Reid and Reid’s crush on her.

Happy birthday Spence ("Plain Sight")

#9 The team vowed to solve Garcia’s case (“Penelope”)

After Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) was shot, Hotch (Thomas Gibson) said the team would not work on any other case until they found the shooter, regardless of whether or not they were officially brought in. This scene showed that the team will always fight for one another and that anyone who hurts one of their people does not stand a chance.

The team vowed to solve Garcia’s case ("Penelope")

#8 The star puzzle (“Risky Business”)

Prentiss (Paget Brewster) told her team the story behind the star puzzle and said the puzzle could not be solved — seconds before Reid solved it. Prentiss and the rest of the team then complained about how unfair it was to play any kind of game with the boy genius. This was just a fun moment between these characters, as they all bonded over their (loving) frustration with Reid.

#7 Team dinner (“A Real Rain”)

While working on a case in New York City, the agents went out to a restaurant for dinner to discuss the case in private. The others mocked Reid for his inability to use chopsticks, Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) told a story about a former profiler and Hotch teased Elle (Lola Glaudini) about her love life. This moment stood out because it showed how close this group had become over the course of the first season.

#6 A big night out, interrupted (“The Big Game”)

Out on the town to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, the fun was cut short when JJ got a call about an urgent case. But not before the agents indulged in drinks, dancing, darts and Star Trek trivia. This scene was memorable because it highlighted the group dynamic in a non-work setting and even managed to include an appearance by Hotch’s wife, Haley.

A big night out, interrupted ("The Big Game")

#5 The team cheered Hotch on as he finished the triathlon (“A Family Affair”)

After months of training, Hotch participated in and finished the FBI triathlon and his friends were there to congratulate him. This moment was memorable (and funny) because it showed that our agents will show up for one another (on their day off) even if three of them have horrible hangovers.

#4 JJ brought baby Henry to the BAU (“Normal”)

After a tough case, JJ brought her son to the BAU so the team could have something good to come home to and everyone just lit up around the baby. A smiling Hotch also made this a truly special moment. After all the horror these characters deal with on a regular basis, moments like these are all the more precious.

JJ brought baby Henry to the BAU ("Normal")

#3 JJ said goodbye (“JJ”)

The entire montage of JJ’s (albeit temporary) exit had some excellent team moments. When the powers that be messed with the dynamic of the show, the fans and cast members expressed their displeasure at seeing this family broken up. All of that pain and anger was reflected in these scenes, as our team was forced to lose one of their own.

#2 Emily returned from the dead (“It Takes a Village”)

After Hotch informed the team that he and JJ helped Emily fake her death, a very much alive Emily returned to the BAU. The reunion was short-lived because the team was working on a case, but each agent had a different reaction to Emily’s appearance and each reaction fit perfectly with their characters. This scene stood out because it was the long-awaited team reunion fans had longed for.

#1 Team cooking lessons (“Proof”)

In order to ease the tension that developed after Emily’s faux death/resurrection, Rossi (Joe Mantegna) invited his friends over to his place to show them how to cook a true Italian meal. This scene was memorable because it was the first time our team felt like a true family again after Emily’s return.

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