It seemed like we just started Smash, and now we’re gearing up for the finale. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the NBC musical will air its season 1 finale on May 14. Assuming every episode from now until then is all-new, this timeline fits in with the previously announced season 1 episode order of 15.

And are you ready for the return of the Jonas Brothers? Well, actually, one Jonas brother in particular? It has also been announced that Nick Jonas will reprise his guest starring role as Lyle West in the finale, the investor who made a deal with Eileen to secure funds for Marilyn: The Musical in the February 27 episode.

BuddyTV recently provided a quote by Jonas on if he would ever return to the show. “You know, I haven’t really been told yet. I would be all for being on the show again, but no one has mentioned it yet. If there’s an opportunity, I’m there.” He also said, “Lyle’s in this one episode and maybe he’ll come back in the future and be involved in another episode. You definitely could see Lyle pop up.”

Nick Jonas, as part of the Jonas Brothers, appealed mainly to teen and tween girls. But with this role in Smash (as well as How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), he has broadened his appeal and received positive reviews.

What could we expect from his return? Before his first episode aired, he said, “Hopefully we’ll hear something soon [on a return]. If they do have me back it really provides an opportunity for him to get deeper into it and kind of dig in and get more involved.” A return to the show makes sense. As an investor, it seems obvious he would want to see if his money was put to good use. And assuming the finale is all about premiering the musical to an audience, the timing would fit in well for Jonas to return.

Will he sing again? If they have a party after the musical debuts, maybe that would be a good opportunity for him to do so. We know he does well performing at parties, especially his own.

To refresh your memory, here’s Nick Jonas performing “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

Are you looking forward to Nick Jonas making a second appearance on Smash? What did you think of his acting abilities (and his singing)? Does it seem a natural fit within the storyline for him to return, or are you not a fan?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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