When CSI returns on Thursday, September 27, the Las Vegas forensic team will explore a unique new storyline that will begin in episode three entitled “Go to Hell.”  While season 7 revolved around a miniature killer, season 8 will focus on Grissom’s enthrallment of the creepy world of bugs.

Read on to see what’s in store in the upcoming season.

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“Grissom will begin to study colonization in episode three,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said, as revealed by TV Guide.  “We’re going to do this very dark, scary episode set in a haunted house.  While there, Grissom is going to find a live beehive, and he is going to take this beehive back to [the lab] and he is going to study it all season. He’s trying to figure out why these honey bees are dying around the world.  It’s really about Grissom looking outside the lab… to see the problems of the world. It’s Grissom’s science experiment for the year.”

“Go to Hell” is expected to air on October 11.

In addition, season 8 will also include a crossover that has been three years in the making. CSI‘s William Petersen, who plays Gil Grissom, and Anthony LaPaglia, who plays FBI agent Jack Malone on Without A Trace, will reportedly do the crossing-over. The story will start on CSI and end on Without A Trace.

As for the Sara-Grissom plot, Jerry Bruckheimer Television President Jonathan Littman has shed some light regarding the controversial issue.

“The Sara-Grissom storyline is going to conclude,” Littman hinted. “Don’t take it in that definitive term. It’s very smartly done.”

“We have a big storyline finish at the start of the season,” he added. “It will play out for a few episodes.  The ambition of their [writers’] stories is once again extremely high and extremely quirky. That arc worked so well with Grissom and Sara that we are going to let these characters breathe this year. Everyone has their moments.  The characters are going to have their journeys.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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