Previously on Smallville: The Martian Manhunter saved Clark’s life, losing his own powers in the process. He then became Detective John Jones. Meanwhile, Lana tried to find information about Lex.

Smallville: Episode 8.12 "Bulletproof" Recap

Detective John Jones is in pursuit of a suspect, catching and roughing him up a bit. After the suspect is taken away, a sniper fires shots, hitting Jones in the chest. He’s taken to the hospital, where Clark (Tom Welling) is conveniently doing some research on a story. Clark worries that the doctor will discover Jones’ Martian background, but Oliver (Justin Hartley) arrives to say he has a doctor on retainer for their special circumstances.

Chloe (Allison Mack) helps track down information on Jones, but she’s kind of unhappy she doesn’t have her super-charged Brainiac brain anymore to make it easier. They determine the shooter was a fellow cop and Chloe’s brilliant plan is to have Clark pose as an undercover rookie.

The poor man’s Training Day gets underway, and Undercover Clark’s gruff partner Danny talks about how the cops resent these silly costumed super heroes running around. He also likes candy. That last part kind of destroys any street cred he thinks he has. They get a call and Clark uses his super speed to save his partner’s life.

Acting in no way suspicious at all, Undercover Clark keeps asking about Jones’ shooting. All the cops get called and they head off to a warehouse where Danny’s cop buddies are holding the man who killed his partner and got off on a technicality. It’s time for some vigilante cop justice. The beatdown is stopped by the Green Arrow, who arrives to stop it.

Danny sees Undercover Clark have a chat with the Green Arrow, so he asks a bunch of questions until Clark admits to investigating them for the shooting of John Jones. The next day, Oliver tries to convince Clark that the cops’ version of vigilante justice is wrong.

Clark tries to find some clues, but he gets set up and arrested for Jones’ shooting. The leader of the bad cops also tells Danny it’s time to get his hands dirty and kill the Green Arrow. The cops set him up by staging another suspect beating (well, the beatdown is real) and when the Green Arrow arrives, he tries to talk Danny out of killing him.

He’s successful, but then the leader, sitting in sniper position, fires and calls in a fake report that the Green Arrow is attacking a cop. Clark speeds off to stop the sniper and save the day.

Lana busts in on Tess Mercer to discuss a secret project called Prometheus that makes her think Lex is alive and calling the shots. Tess denies it and when Lana leaves, we see she stole some data from the mansion.

Tess figured that out too, so she visits Lana and tells her she corrupted all the data on Prometheus, which is the only thing that can save Lex’s life. And then…GIRL FIGHT! These two knock the crap out of each other for a while until Lana pulls a gun on Tess.

Instead of killing her, Lana shows Tess that she has a nano-transmitter embedded in her eye, and that Lex has been using it to see whatever Tess sees. Tess is quite devastated that she’s simply being used by Lex.

Later she gives Lex a stern lecture in the mirror about how loyal she’s been. She finally tells him she’ll completely destroy his entire life and company. She uses a necklace to jam the signal and says, “I loved you, you son of a bitch.” Oliver arrives for dinner, and Tess tells him she wants a merger, in more ways than one.

Finally, Clark and Lana meet up to talk and play some hardcore tonsil hockey.

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