Margaret Cho has always featured naked honesty in her stand-up comedy. She’s been unafraid to talk about her difficulties with substance abuse after her traumatic experience with a primetime sitcom, All-American Girl. She’s made championing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender acceptance a hallmark of her work, both within her act and as an activist. She’s been open about her bisexuality, weight issues, and experiences as an Asian-American.

So after revealing so much of herself through her work, what’s a little striptease?

Cho has put together a burlesque show called A Sensuous Woman featuring several other performers. Cho herself also takes the stage to do a little burlesque striptease of her own.

If you happen to be in New York City over the next few weeks, you can catch the show, and actually see some of LA Ink‘s Kat Von D‘s work in the flesh.

Compared to her time in the spotlight, Cho is a relative newcomer to the world of the inked featured on LA Ink. However, in her usual fashion, she has gone all out with her new interest, moving well past a dainty ankle or subtle shoulder tattoo. She estimates that already, 15-20% of her body is covered, with large pieces on her arms, back and stomach.

While she says she is going to take “a breather” from getting new ink for a while, she did have the chance to visit Kat Von D and get an LA Ink tattoo before her break.

Cho blogged about her experience at the end of August, writing “I just got an amazing tattoo from Kat Von D on her show LA Ink. I have been a fan for a long time and I am so excited to finally have it done. Kat is incredible and totally nice and funny and fun. We had an awesome time and it didn’t even hurt because Kat is so pretty nothing she does could possibly hurt anyone!”

So if you can’t make it to New York to see Cho and her fellow performers in her burlesque show, you can tune in to LA Ink and see Cho as she gets her new Kat tat.

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