Secrets and Lies has been a non-stop thrill ride from the first moment of the premiere with Ben running from the woods through the final moment of “The Jacket” when Ben was trapped in his car by a vigilante. 

One of the most intriguing and tense relationships on the series has been between Ben and his wife, Christy. BuddyTV spoke with KaDee Strickland while she was a break from filming her new pilot for CBS, Doubt, about the Crawford marriage, Christy’s job, the threat of the vigilante, and the show’s finale.

Congratulations on your new pilot.

I’m having the time of my life. Oh, my God, it’s incredible. This cast is off-the-chart and the director is off-the-chart and the creators are off-the-charts. It’s so unlike anything I’ve been able to do so far in my career and I really want this to go. 

I already feel like I’ve been working with this cast for six years. There was just such an immediate rhythm that we all have. They’re such great people and so talented. I will only become a better actor by being around them. That said, I’m really looking forward to the possibility of this making it to the air because I’ve been having the time of my life.

Leading up to last Sunday’s “The Jacket,’ it seemed like Ben and Christy`were getting closer and that their marriage was perhaps stronger than it was before. What happened? Was that a lie?

I wouldn’t say it was a lie. I think it’s a really complicated relationship because you have two kids together, you marry young, you fall in and out of love at different stages if you’re these two people. Although, I could say that I think Ben has been pretty by her side. I think she’s had a harder time with the consistency. 

You’ll see that he’s had his moments as well in future episodes. The truth is it’s unthinkable to go through the public humiliation of finding out your husband fathered a child with someone else on top of already having a complicated marriage. Finding that out and being able to stay together is a feat that kinda of feels almost unimaginable, but Ben and Christy, I think, are parents first.

Now, that’s where we are so far in the series. You’re gonna see a real ebb and flow in their marriage and it doesn’t get any less complicated. If anything, it gets more complicated, but by the time the series ends you’ll see these people come full circle in their relationship.

With what’s going on with her at work, is work an escape for her? Or, is there something more between her and the client? Does Ben have reason to be suspect of what she’s doing with her time?

Well, work itself has always– she’s a woman who is a career woman and she absolutely supports that family. Without her working at the level at which she does, they would have very little and she’s a person who appearances are important. But, Christy is definitely exploring different aspects of who she is and you will find out what that actually means [laughs] as the episodes continue. Hmm…

Do you think Christy believes Ben’s innocent or does she have some doubts?

Oh, I think– I mean — knowing what a person’s capable in life is something that we always think we know, but people can surprise you. I feel you’ll see her have a lot of questions as the series continues as to who this man is that she has these two children with, because Ben is going to do a lot of changing. 


Mmm hmm. 

At the end of the episode, Christy let it all out when Ben showed up at the office. That was heartbreaking to watch. What happens now? Will that make their relationship stronger now that she opened up? 

I think there are aspects where they are reminded of the person who they loved. It was a very honest moment but again the show is called Secrets and Lies, so for every honest moment, expect something that’s unexpected. And that’s not just with my character that’s with all of them. 

You’re going to continue to learn about who is now threatening Ben and you’ll continue to learn about different dynamics that have played out in the past and where they’ve led to in the future. So it doesn’t get dull, I’ll promise you that. 

In “The Confession,” the entire family is at risk with someone out to get Ben. How does it affect Christy and the girls to be in protective custody, while Ben’s still out being targeted?

Oh, terrifying. That’s a very– for me that was an easy circumstance to imagine, but you’ll see– you’ll see a lot happen with Ben in these next few episodes and you’ll see the response of the family and the extended family and other people that are involved in other parts of our private lives and how they support the situation or sort of exacerbate the situation [laughs]. It’s a difficult place to be in as a mother and the kids. Everyone feels a sense of threat, urgency and danger, which I think can be fun for the audience to watch.

How is Christy able to stay so strong for her daughters? 

That’s being a parent. I think that’s why she has a love for Ben still. He’s a parent. He’s a great father.

Anything you want to tease about the last few episodes?

I can tell you that I don’t know how the series ends. I don’t know. I will be like the audience at large when I see the final episode, which will be really, really exciting. It’s part of what I loved about taking the job. I knew there would be resolve by the end, so I’m looking forward to knowing what happens to the Crawford’s as well by the end of the series.

Did you film multiple endings?

Yep. We filmed multiple endings. It definitely not every series you get to do. It’s so rare you get something that’s beginning, middle and end. That to me, I’m looking forward to seeing who dun it.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays at 9pm ET on ABC.

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