Supernatural’s second new addition has been revealed.  Actress Lauren Cohen will be playing the part of Bela, described as a hard drinking, crass, yet focused tough girl.  Together with Katie Cassidy, who is joining the cast as the female hunter Ruby, Cohen’s addition will bring some romantic temptations to the brothers Winchester.

Bela is rumored to be a potential love interest for Dean (Jensen Ackles).  In casting sides, Bela was described as a mercenary whose interest in Dean begins with acquiring the crystal skull.

From the casting sides, which may or may not be parts of an actual Supernatural season three script, Bela is played as sort of ambivalent where the “war” is concerned.  A true soldier of fortune, Bela is in it to get the job done and collect her bounty.

As with Cassidy, Cohen is a svelte young hottie being cast against type as a seasoned warrior.  Supernatural fans have famously risen against the casting of new female leads, perceiving the move as a dumbing down effort designed to attract more male viewers.

Since Supernatural was ‘on the bubble’ until the last possible moment, the casting has also been perceived as a last ditch desperation move.  It is possible that Supernatural has been given a bar to hit in season four, and ramping up the sex appeal of the show seems to be the most likely avenue to success.

Aside from the casting announcement, there has been no commitment from the Supernatural team as to how often the new characters will be seen.  While some reports are calling the new additions ‘regulars,’ no one at TheCW has gone on the record as saying that the girls will be in each and every episode of Supernatural’s third season.

Fans opposed to the move should be reassured by the fact that TheCW has not announced a specific commitment for the characters.  If the experiment does, for whatever reason, prove detrimental to the show an open ended contract would give the creative team the option of writing themselves out of any negative fan reaction.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
source: E!Online
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