The Big Brother house has seen a lot of dummies in its long run but each year it seems like the show finds a way to up the ante. In Big Brother 18 the village has found its idiot and his name is Jozea. Jozea has come out of the gate swinging in just being a generally awful person and even worse Big Brother player. 

It’s no surprise that Jozea is on the block in the first week and even less of a shock that he looks to be headed out the door on the first live eviction. While Jozea is the favorite to leave, there will be two other possible evictees on the block with him. Here are 4 reasons Jozea needs to leave the Big Brother 18 house.

He is Not Entertaining

There should be something slightly amusing about Jozea. He is so mistaken about nearly everything that the audience should at least be able to point and laugh at him, not with him. Yet Jozea is so off-putting that we can’t even enjoy him as a moron. Jozea’s cluelessness isn’t funny. It’s just sad. It’s also a bit alarming. If Jozea is this unperceptive in the Big Brother house and unaware of how he comes off, he must be an unholy terror in the real world.

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He Doesn’t Understand the Game

A lot of the house guests in the Big Brother 18 house stink of recruitment. There are a couple of super and casual fans but it does appear that a lot of Big Brother 18 guests have been drafted by casting. They didn’t really audition. Jozea is one of the more obvious examples. 

There have been Big Brother players who have played bad games and their cockiness has been a large factor in their terrible gameplay. Devin from Big Brother 16 is one of the most infamous examples. Usually, though, these terrible players show, at the very least, a basic understanding of the game. Jozea doesn’t seem to get any of the rules and no doubt will continue to be confused about them until he walks out of the house during his eviction. 

He’s Offensive

Big Brother 18 has toned down some of Jozea’s more incendiary comments for the TV episodes but viewers of the live feeds know that he is pretty awful in most aspects. Big Brother TV audiences saw a glimpse of this ugliness on the episode following Jozea’s nomination where he called Nicole a bitch constantly for just nominating him. 

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It’s true that “bitch” is not the most offensive word to call a woman when you’re angry. It is still a great way of showing yourself to be petty and hateful. Really, though, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jozea’s tone-deaf and inflammatory comments about groups and people.

He’s So Unlikable 

All of these parts add up to a sum that is just incredibly dreadful. Even with the most polarizing Big Brother house guests there will be fans. There are still people, god help them, who like Frankie Grande. No matter how obnoxious and rude you are in the Big Brother house someone out there in America will like you, except if you’re Jozea. 

Never have I seen a player so vehemently disliked, so quickly, by players and audience alike. There is no benefit to keeping Jozea around. He does not entertain, he doesn’t help his fellow alliance members and his only asset is to be super annoying. Since Big Brother 18 already has a villain in Paul, who is awful but occasionally charismatic, there is no reason to keep Jozea around longer than necessary.  

But what do you think? Do you want Jozea gone? Are you one of his fans? Is he the worst Big Brother player ever?

Big Brother 18 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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