Revenge is a dish best served cold, and we’ve definitely gotten to witness some cold-blooded revenge scenes over the years on television. Whether it be a mild-mannered paper salesman becoming overcome with paranoia over snowballs or a bottle of poisoned tequila that wipes out an entire drug cartel, there’s something incredibly satisfying about a good revenge scene. Here are 7 of the most satisfyingly epic revenge scenes on TV.

1. Eric Cartman vs. Scott Tenorman, South Park

In this season 5 episode, an older kid named Scott Tenorman tricks and humiliates Cartman by selling him his pubic hair. Desperate for revenge, no one expects Cartman to accomplish much. They were very wrong. Through a series of manipulations and straight up insanity, Cartman manages to have Scott’s parents killed. But that’s not all. He then chops up and cooks their bodies, serving them to Scott to eat. Oh, you thought it was over? He then has Scott’s favorite band of all time, Radiohead, show up, and see him crying his eyes out, collectively deciding he was a loser. This was the first time we really saw how sick and twisted Cartman is, as he “tastes” Scott’s tears. Even Kyle and Stan agree right here they should NEVER cross him.

2. Gus Fring vs. Don Eladio and The Cartel, Breaking Bad

Throughout season 3 of Breaking Bad, we learn of Gus’ tragic backstory with the Mexican drug cartel and their leader, Don Eladio. Don Eladio had Gus’ partner killed right in front of him, and Gus had been plotting his revenge ever since. In this epic scene (definitely in the top 5 of all Breaking Bad scenes, which is saying something), we see Gus get revenge on the entire cartel at once. Giving them a bottle of the finest tequila in Mexico, everyone starts drinking and they have Gus drink as well, to ensure that it wasn’t poisoned. It was. Gus goes to the bathroom to gracefully vomit and calmly go back out, watching his enemies fall to their death.

3. Cersei Lannister vs. Septa Unella, Game of Thrones

Cersei was terrorized by Septa Unella during her captivity by the High Sparrow. When she escapes and kills all of the Sparrows, she leaves Septa Unella alive. She perfectly articulates what her issue was. Septa Unella wasn’t torturing and shaming Cersei all that time because she wanted her to find grace through their faith, she was doing it because she liked the way it feels. Now, Cersei would do the same. She has no intention of killing Speta Unella anytime soon. She introduced her to her “new God,” The Mountain, who will keep her just alive enough to feel everything he plans to do to her. Cersei has become a cold-blooded torturer. Click here for the full scene.

4. Sam and Dean Winchester vs. Azazel, Supernatural

After spending their entire childhood and a portion of their adult life searching for “the thing that killed mom,” Sam and Dean are finally able to track down and corner the yellow-eyed demon named Azazel and put a bullet in his head. The end of this journey is culminated in the incredibly satisfying line Dean delivers after pulling the trigger: “That was for our mom, you son of a bitch.”

5. Dwight Schrute vs. Jim Halpert, The Office

Jim has always been the prankster against Dwight in The Office and it’s always been hilarious. However, in this scene in season 7 of The Office, Dwight finally gets some serious revenge for the years of escapades Jim has had against him. When they decide to have a snowball fight, Jim never expects that Dwight would turn it into a serious battle that keeps him guessing. Jim goes into a state of paranoia and Dwight finally makes him look like the fool for once.

6. Piper Chapman vs. Stella Carlin, Orange Is the New Black

Piper’s panty business is booming, but a lot her money goes missing. She discovers that her lover Stella had actually been stealing some of it and putting it into an account for herself. Stella gives her a sob story, and Piper seemingly forgives her. Except right before Stella is scheduled for release, Piper frames her by planting drugs, a lighter, banned food and a candied shiv in her bunk. Stella is made an example of in front of everyone and Piper reminds her what Stella taught her — “trust no bitch.”

7. Bonnie Bennett vs. Silas, The Vampire Diaries

Silas killed Bonnie’s father earlier in season 5. When Silas is desperately clutching a tree to avoid getting sucked into oblivion and reaching out to Bonnie to grab him, she reaches back for him. But instead of grabbing him, she looks him in the eye, retracts her arm and says, “bygones.” Justice has been served.

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