Scorpion is getting an extended episode in season 2, and at San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Nicholas Wootton and series star Robert Patrick teased what to expect from that and more this fall.

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Watch the video interview with Robert Patrick and EP Nicholas Wootton:

Here are a few highlights:

  • There will be a lot of action and adventure, as well as character stuff, in the 24.5 episode season 2.
  • “You’re going to see how they are after that,” Patrick previewed of Walter and Gallo’s relationship following the end of season 1.  
  • You’ll also see how they deal with Gallo’s job situation.
  • Gallo is becoming fond of each of the members of the “Scorpion” team.
  • Wootton teased that they’ll be partnering up the characters in ways they didn’t in season 1. For example, in the 90-minute episode after the Supergirl premiere, Gallo and Paige will be partnered up.
  • “There’s two sides to every one of these episodes,” the EP explained. “They’re brilliant as problem-solvers and then they’re completely un-brilliant socially and interpersonally and they’re so bad at that that there’s infinite ways to go with both.” They’ll be exploring both of those sides in season 2.
  • There will be development in every relationship on the show, with the EP explaining that they’re exploring, “How does the brilliant, reserved, pulled-back, sort of antisocial mind deal with love?”

Scorpion season 2 premieres Monday, September 21 at 9pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS; Video: Meredith Jacobs)