Scandal‘s season 2 finale didn’t just leave us on the edge of our seats — we were about to fall right off it. Not only was Olivia outed as the President’s mistress, but she was taken into a limo where she came face to face with her dad.

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Where does the show go from there? Here are 10 things you should know about season 3.

1. The new season starts right where the finale left off. The producers told TV Fanatic that “There are a few revelations that are key.” The premiere was written by creator Shonda Rhimes.

2. People are asking Olivia whether she’s the president’s mistress. Rhimes told Vulture that there will be “interesting negotiations” between the President, the First Lady and Olivia regarding the matter.

3. Whoever you think leaked the news about the President and Olivia’s affair, think again. In an interview with TV Guide, Rhimes said the source of the leak will be a surprise: “There’s a lot to be dealt with there and in true Scandal style, whatever you think we’re going to do, we’re not going to do.” So it’s not Mellie, guys.

4. The president and Mellie are still very much a couple, TVLine notes. Mellie is even in “care-taking mode,” according to the showrunner.

5. When the premiere starts, Olivia Pope & Associates’ biggest problem will be who outed Olivia and Fitz. By the end of the episode, their problems will multiply five times.

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6. Olivia’s dad will be around for awhile. He and Olivia probably have a lot to talk about or catch up on. But will the reunion be a happy one?

7. Quinn heads down a darker path. Last season, we saw a gruesome, unafraid-to-kill side of her come out. Will she use that power drill again to her advantage?

8. Cyrus and James are happy. Someone on the show has to be!

9. More flashbacks. Scandal is a show where the flashbacks are just as exciting as the present. With her father around, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Olivia and her father’s past relationship explored.

10. Cynthia Stevenson (Dead Like Me) is headed to Scandal-land for a guest-starring role. Her character will be Olivia’s latest client, with her episode scheduled to air in mid-October, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Scandal season 3 premieres October 10 at 10pm on ABC.

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Esther Gim

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