It’s time to learn the events between Quinn’s kidnapping and that shocking shot on Scandal, titled “Good People.” Rowan’s desperation shows through, as he attempts to outplay Olivia. Meanwhile, the captivity starts to get to Quinn, who searches for a way to get free. By the end, answers are finally revealed to the viewers about Quinn and her daughter, but do the others know the truth?

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Rowan Sets His Plan in Motion

A shop assistant, Marv, spots Rowan in the store looking at suitcases. After helping him choose a sturdy, affordable one, Rowan goes on his way to kidnap Quinn, who is on her way to her wedding

When she wakes up chained in the basement she’s initially shocked and scared, but then realizes her kidnapper is Rowan. Her fear disappears and she starts getting angry, demanding to be freed. Rowan refuses. He wants to make a trade with Rowan; Quinn for his freedom.

Things don’t quite work out though, as Olivia makes it clear that she isn’t backing down. She also orders Rowan not to touch Quinn and then leaves. Realizing that Quinn is likely to be there longer, Rowan decides to buy a crib for her baby. Marv helps him choose something sturdy and affordable again.

The two meet again, where they bond over their time served in the military. It’s enough for Marv to offer Rowan the opportunity to use his 40 percent employee discount. That discount comes in use, when Rowan returns home from a talk with Jack and finds that all his guns have been taken. Rowan turns to Marv for a handgun purchase and ends up going home with both a handgun and a rifle.

Quinn Searches for a Way Out

Meanwhile, Quinn deals with the stress of the situation. She starts to have hallucinations where she runs through all her actions and lack of actions. Huck shows up at one point, questioning why Olivia never told anyone that it was Olivia who brought down the plane. Eventually, Quinn reconciles with herself that she didn’t want to admit Olivia was capable of something like that nor did she want to view Olivia as a monster.

The hallucinations do help her get the strength back to attempt an escape, although they also have a habit of taunting her ideas as she comes up with them.

During this, Rowan summons Olivia to his home so he can kill her. Olivia taunts him knowing that he would never killed her even though he should. Rowan has always had the view of cutting off the head of the snake and right now, Olivia is the snake. Yet, by not killing her, Olivia tells Rowan he no longer has any cards to play

When Quinn hears Olivia upstairs, she questions her hallucinations on what to do. She makes the choice to escape and works out a way to get her chains off the wall. When Rowan comes down to the basement, she manages to attack him but he throws her off and he fires the gun.

Olivia tells Rowan they will need to wait a few days. They will need Quinn’s body to be able to bury her, otherwise Huck will never stop looking for her

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What Really Happened in the Basement?

A quick flashback on Scandal shows that Olivia remembered her hairpin and used that to get out of her chains. Rowan never killed Quinn after all and Quinn heard everything Olivia said. Now she just wants her own freedom. Rowan hopes she’ll settle for a glass of water for now, but things get serious when Quinn’s water break and she goes into labor. Rowan decides they can deliver the baby in the house. He injects her with a drug and calls Marv to help deliver baby.

The baby is delivered safely, but Quinn passes out from exhaustion. When she wakes back up, she’s in Olivia’s old room and Rowan passes Quinn her daughter. Quinn isn’t allowed to go home yet, but Rowan has enough supplies for her to stay with him.

Once Rowan leaves, Quinn realizes there are clothes to last for a couple of years. Quinn goes to the basement, where he’s cleaning up Marv’s dead body. (Rowan killed Marv to protect Quinn and the baby.)

Were you happy to see the missing pieces in the puzzle? Do you think Olivia knows Rowan didn’t really kill Quinn? And who is the body from the burned out car? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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