In “Boom Goes the Dynamite,” Jake has moved from peeping Tom to … possibly someone likable. I didn’t think it was possible either, but with Scandal, we should know by now to expect the unexpected. 

Meanwhile, Cyrus, still getting shut out from Fitz’s inner circle in favor of Mellie, decides to take matters into her own hands after Olivia specifically tells him to let her to let it be because she will eventually mess up. 

Also, why is Huck really smelly these days?

True Intentions

I had wondered whether Fitz and Jake knew each other, but I didn’t realize it would turn out that they’re actually friends — or at least they know each other really well. It appears they haven’t seen each other in awhile and Fitz has called on him to catch up. Fitz talks about the isolation with job … and then the conversation moves clearly to Olivia without mentioning her by name at first to build the suspense even more.

Jake mentions her taking up swimming — which we saw her do in the last episode — and how she’s not dating. Fitz adds that she was on the swim team in high school. Fitz is the one who’s having Jake watch Olivia at her home! 

But Jake doesn’t know why he’s watching her — all he gets from Fitz is that he has his reasons and that it’s not personal.

While Jake says Olivia seems harmless, Fitz says she’s not a good person. Well, you know what Mr. President? You killed a woman, and I’m pretty sure Olivia never killed anyone herself. Who’s the good person now?

Getting Back In

As if he didn’t already have his hands full with the hostage situation, the television stations show a video showing the terrorists killing an American. And how does he respond? With some encouragement and sweet talks from Mellie, he bombs a village, and the move is met with praise.

But Mellie is getting too close for Cyrus’ liking because he’s continuing to get shut out. Olivia advises him to let Mellie be Mellie because she’s her own worst enemy — she’ll eventually create a mess, and he should be there to clean it up. 

Well, that gives Cyrus a great idea. While Fitz’s is out doing giving a speech, Mellie decides to call up the families of the hostages to offer support — it was her idea, but Cyrus definitely led her to it. Cyrus then conveniently gets a reporter on the call as well, and Fitz is furious.

This effectively pushes Mellie aside — of course she knows what Cyrus did, though.

A Phantom Menace

David Rosen has every reason to be paranoid these days, and he is. He thinks someone’s following him so he turns to Olivia and her team, and this leads to Huck keeping an eye on him at all times.

But Huck doesn’t seem so well himself. Everyone’s commenting about his hygiene, and how it’s extremely stinky. It’s been decided that Quinn be the one to give Huck the truth because they’re pals now since she’s sort of becoming a mini-Huck.

One afternoon Huck’s parked outside of David’s classroom. The rain’s been coming down and hasn’t stopped. And here we learn of the source of Huck’s … stinkiness. The rain is giving him flashbacks of being waterboarded. It’s made worse since he’s in an enclosed space — his car.

At the same time, David’s ready to leave for the day when he hears footsteps behind him again. This time, he turns the corner ready to spring on his stalker — and do what exactly? Good thing it’s a woman, who tells David she knows who killed Wendy!

A Truth and a Lie

It’s Molly who’s scared for her life. She knows who killed Wendy — and the killer knows her. She’s been exposed. While she’s helping Olivia and the gang identify the man, the work has already been done — he appears on television!

Who is it?! Is all I could wonder? … It’s the CIA director! He’s the one who suggested the mole to Fitz when the hostage situation went down. He’s then seen telling Fitz that he’s positive that everyone in the CIA is clean and that it must be someone in another agency, cleverly deflecting away from his people.

Wow, that’s smart. What’s Olivia going to do next?

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