The episode was titled “Molly, You’re in Danger, Girl,” but the title could’ve been changed to any of the following characters: David Rosen, Huck and Quinn, and even Olivia. This episode is on overdrive, as we start with tying up loose ends over the CIA director’s suicide — until it turns into murder. It ends with Olivia in the hospital.

Back to Square One

With the president telling the nation about the mole, it appears things are about to calm down for Olivia Pope & Associates — until Osborne’s wife pleads with Olivia that there’s no way her husband was the mole, and she’s certain her husband was murdered.

It’s a small detail, something Olivia and her crew could never have known, but it’s a big one. The suicide note was addressed to “Susan.” Well, Osborne never, ever referred to his wife as “Susan,” but “Susie” or “Baby.” That’s why Mrs. Osborne is certain her husband was forced to write the letter. Wow, it’s clever. 

Olivia and the gang comb through the case top to bottom and realize one thing that we, as viewers, should’ve realized as well. The story line, the suicide, is a little too perfect and neat to be believable. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Osborne isn’t the mole, and Olivia and Co. realize that the suicide indeed, isn’t a suicide but a murder.

Putting the Pieces Together

Olivia goes to Osborne’s security detail, getting him to talk after some resistance. He says Osborne was a patriot who just had a bit of a gambling problem. The dry cleaners guy was his bookie. Hey, we all have our vices, right?

With that out of the way, it’s time to focus on other people they’ve come across, like Molly. It’s no coincidence that there was a deposit of $100,000 into her bank account, aligning nicely with the time that she went to see David Rosen at his school to tell her about her murdered friend, and essentially, led the crew to Osbourne.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck do their computer magic while talking far too quickly explaining the process. The mole’s bank account is found, and his fake name is Bud Johnson. They find out he rented a storage unit, which the two go off to find.

On the Hunt

While all this is going on, Olivia’s basically being wooed by Jake, who continues to do sketchy things. He goes to Olivia’s to take out all the cameras before Huck and Quinn come to her place to check to see if there are any. Then, after they leave, Jake comes back to re-install the cameras! Man, he’s dedicated.

So while Harrison, Rosen and Abby go after Molly, who they find trying to leave the country and Quinn and Huck are off to the storage unit, Olivia shows up unannounced to Jake’s, who was just about to leave his place — with masking tape and a gun!

There’s so much going on at this point. Harrison’s crew tracks down Molly, who’s hysterical in telling them that she didn’t do what she did for money. It was either lie to them or be killed. She then turns up dead, after a hit and run. The mole.

Huck walks right into a trap at the storage unit, while Quinn is in the car waiting. After a few hours, she demands her way to look at the security footage, notice something is suspect — two cameras had turned to face the same way — and gets the keys and checks every last unit. Until she finds Huck, beaten and tied up in a box.

Who Is the Mole?!

Olivia and Jake get their sexy on, but she really needs some water. She’s not really snooping but just looking around his apartment and turns on the TV after seeing the paper about a story of Fitz and Mellie’s TV interview.

Olivia’s then greeted to with Jake’s stalker footage, the ones showing right into her own apartment! Jake and Olivia struggle: All she wants to do is get away, but Jake is trying to explain himself, like there’s even an explanation other than: I’m watching you.

Olivia passes out after hitting her head on the floor, but right before he shows her why he’s been watching her: A man enters her apartment in the camera footage!

Who is he? Well, it’s the same guy who Quinn sees in the storage unit footage. The man is wearing the same baseball cap … the same man who calls …

Cyrus, to inform him of a plan going awry, as Cyrus’ hit man guy, who Cyrus had almost kill his husband, walks away from the hospital where Olivia is!

Three’s A Crowd

Olivia’s in the hospital, concussed, with no idea what’s going on. Jake is briefing her on a cover up story: that a man broke into her place and she hit her head, and Jake found her, but that they had never met before this day. Jake is in a rush to tell Olivia this story because — Fitz comes into her hospital room!

Olivia sees Fitz and Jake shake hands, and I don’t know if she’s just surprised to see her two lovers there shaking hands or if she’s starting to put the pieces together.

Whew, what an episode — there was so much more, too. We’re left to ponder the episode for three weeks, as Scandal isn’t back until April 25.

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Esther Gim

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