Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah

Sayid Jarrah is played by Naveen Andrews in the television series, Lost. A communications officer for the Iraqi Republican Guard, Sayid Farrah, at the age of 23, was captured by the Americans during the Gulf War. He was the only one who knew how to speak English, and the Americans found this as an opportunity to question Tariq, Sayid’s superior officer, about a missing U.S. pilot. In the process, Sayid discovered that Tariq was responsible for a gas attack on his village. So, with the use of various torture paraphernalia provided by American officer Kelvin Inman, Sayid willingly and successfully extracted information regarding the missing U.S. pilot from Tariq.

After being released by the Americans, Sayid returned to the Iraqi Republican Guard, where, despite having made a vow never to torture again, he continued to use different ways of torture in service to the military. He was only compelled to end his career in the military when he was tasked to torture his old friend, Nadia. He saved Nadia’s life by helping her escape.

Sayid tried to leave his past behind by working as a chef in Paris, but soon, his past caught up with him. Sami, another Iraqi, lured Sayid with a higher-paying job at his restaurant, and then imprisoned Sayid in the pantry. As it turned out, Sayid had tortured Sami’s wife, Amira, and after Sayid was reacquainted with Amira, he broke down and apologized for what he did to her. Amira forgave him, and Sami set Sayid free. Sayid was then hunted down by the ASIS and the CIA, and the two agencies offered to give him information about the location of Nadia if Sayid were to help them trap Essam, a suicide bomber. The plans went awry, and ended with Essam taking his own life. Wanting to give Essam a proper burial, Sayid decided to change the date of his flight to Los Angeles (where Nadia was presumed to be living), consequently placing him in Oceanic 815.
After the plane crashed into a mysterious island, Sawyer, another survivor, placed the blame on Sayid, claiming that Sayid was a terrorist. Sayid redeemed himself by fixing the transponder and picking up the distress signal. However, before Sayid could find the transmitter signal, John Locke attacked him and rendered him unconscious. He briefly reverted back to his old ways when he tortured Sawyer in the hopes of getting asthma medicine for Shannon. Feeling guilty about what he did to Sawyer, he set off into the jungle alone and was caught by Rousseau, an insane French woman.
Sayid’s relationship with Shannon eventually reached a more serious level, but he hindered her from killing Locke after Boone died

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Sayid Jarrah



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Sayid was a torturer for thew National Guard


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