Hopefully Dawn Ostroff likes chocolate, because persistent Veronica Mars fans are getting ready to dump a truckload of candy bars on TheCW exec in hopes of an eleventh hour rescue for the non-yet-officially canceled Veronica Mars.  The show was on the bubble for months before finally being  left off TheCW’s fall schedule.  By some political loop hole, though, the death order for the show will not be final until June 15th.  The success of Jericho’s grass roots movement in bringing the show back to the airwaves has galvanized Mars fans and so far over 4,800 Mars and Snickers bars are heading for TheCW’s offices.  Can the wave of candy sweeten TheCW’s attitude towards Veronica Mars?

The rescue of Jericho is certainly a lesson for fans;  with the right amount of organization, anything is possible.  One factor that is working in Veronica Mars’ favor at the moment is the critical appreciation of the show.   Popular journalists such as Kristin Veitch (E!Online) and Michael Ausiello (TVGuide.com) continue to wax hopeful over Veronica Mars fate, even though it would seem that the show is doomed at the moment.

One important consideration is what will Ostroff and company do with all that candy?  In the case of Jericho, protesters sent CBS hundreds of pounds of nuts to the producers, which were then passed on to homeless agencies to help feed the poor.  Unless they are going to donate to the dental projects, it might not be such a good idea to dump truckloads of candy on the homeless.

Regardless, if you want to get in on the effort and help in the efforts to save Veronica Mars, here is what you need to do.  First, you can visit what seems to be the center of the effort for further instructions on who to nag and how to nag them.  Next, you can also track the efforts of the fund raisers at a blog set up by the candy merchant who will be sending the candy at theindianfoodstore.blogspot.com/.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Senior Writer, BuddyTV