You have to hand it to those Jericho fans, they got the job done.  Ever since Jericho got a second chance from CBS, despondent Veronica Mars fans have moped around aimlessly accepting the still unofficial death of their show while kvetching “Why not Veronica Mars?”  Well here is a suggestion for you.  Get the Jericho guys to take up your cause.

Even though Veronica’s cancellation is in the ink drying stage at this point, there are still eight days remaining before the spunky PI hangs up her phone taps for good.  Seem impossible?  Don’t tell that to the Jericho guys.  In fact, the guys that saved Jericho performed so well, they should form a grass roots organization from their efforts.  How about “Citizens for sustaining good TV,” or “The Viewer’s Rights Organization.”

If you think about it, in some ways Jericho fans are similar to Veronica Mars fans.  They like good ensemble casts, they like good writing, and they like social satire.  It’s nearly a safe bet that the good folks who saved Jericho from extinction could be prompted in the afterglow of their victory to show a little love to Veronica Mars fans.   Now that their mission is accomplished, perhaps Veronica Mars fans should approach sites like,, about spreading a little bit of love towards the save Veronica Mars campaign.

“What campaign” you ask?  So far the efforts of have paled in comparison to those of the Jericho folks, but how much PR has been done to get the effort noticed?

The challenge should go like this: every Jericho fan who battled for their shows resurrection should get their hands on the pilot episode of Veronica mars.  If you like it, you should join that fight as well.  The courage, persistence, and creativity of the Jericho campaign has invigorated TV fans everywhere with that notion that good TV can be saved from foolish statistics and faulty demographics.

Now that you have lead the way, and shown the world how it is done, how about shining your light on the efforts of the fans of a little show called “Veronica Mars?”  What do ya say?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Senior Writer, BuddyTV