Sara Albert Biography:

Sara Albert was born in the year 1983 in Davis, California and was a full scholar at a Georgetown University, where she majored in Psychology, minored in Government and was a member of the Volleyball Varsity team. She graduated cum laude in 2005. Before she was on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Sara was working as a Marketing Assistant for the Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C. One of her favorite television shows is Law & Order, while one of her favorite movies is Pretty Woman. She likes to keep updated by reading People Magazine.

Standing at 6 feet, 1 inch, Sara was the tallest contestant among the Finalists on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. It was a talent scout who encouraged Sara to audition for the show, but during the semifinals, judge Jay Manuel addressed his concern regarding Sarah’s height. Jay was worried that Sara might not be able to get a lot of modeling jobs, as designers usually do not make clothes for someone who is as tall as she. Supermodel Tyra Banks defended Sara, but still admitted that the average model stands between 5 feet, 9 inches and 5 feet, 11 inches. Nevertheless, Sara made it to the Finals, and even though she didn’t have any modeling experience before the show, she was able to impress the judges with her natural talent. She worked her way up to the Top 4, and some of her best work include her runway shows and the CoverGirl commercial. There were times that her passion for modeling was questioned, which often frustrated Sara, who insisted that she was just as passionate as the other girls. Sara became the tenth finalist eliminated when the judges felt that she was not good enough to be placed in the Top 3.

Since appearing on the show, Sara has pursued her modeling career by working with both NEXT Model Management and Elite Models.

(Photos courtesy of UPN/CW)

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