Life seems slightly grayer, slightly sadder, and majorly less fabulous when Ru Paul’s Drag Race isn’t on the air.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait until season 4 sashays forth from Ru’s brilliant brain and brightens up our lives. January 2012. That’s when the drag queen competition returns to LOGO, with 14 of America’s top queens in tow, and a slew of fantastic guest judges (including Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Glee‘s Amber Riley, can I get a “Halleloo”?) to critique the girls’ creations and watch them lipsync … for their LIVES!

Check out the first teaser for Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 4, which promises to be out of this world:

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That Dragulator is getting very advanced. That’s some impressive Femme-Bot Realness.

Today, I also got an email from Ru Paul herself (OK, it’s from the show — but a girl can dream) with the image below. It appears to be the 14 season 4 drag-testants when they’re NOT all dolled up. “Importing Alter Ego Profiles, Processing…” it teases us. So we’ll have to wait to see how these boys look as girls, but I’m loving the futuristic twist to these early promotional materials. If Ru asks them to dress up like robots in one of the challenges, I think I’ll have died and gone to heaven.

alteregos-dragrace.jpgAny faces you’re extra-excited to see as their fierce alter egos?

(Image courtesy of LOGO)

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