The Bret Michaels bus is stopping over at Miami, Florida for the pre-finale episode of Rock of Love Bus.  This time, the challenge is for the rock star himself – if he can keep his sanity.  The time for the final decision is nearing; it’s down to three, and the girls are going head to head for the competition of their lives.

On “Double Dates,” Bret plans a couple of fantasy dates to spend even more time with his last ladies.  It’s a swamp boat gator ride for them, and things look ready to sink.  A dinner date among the group doesn’t go as sweet as planned, and two of the contestants believe that Bret’s completely shunned them. One girl gets to go on a date twice, much to the disdain of the rest. 

Now that it looks as though Bret’s made his choice, the remaining girls are more than worried.  Having spent so much time with each other, they’ve grown to be “friends” and somewhat get along – especially united when scheming against a single foe.  But since it’s the Bret Michaels who’s tearing them apart, who can say now?  It’s every woman for herself on a new episode of Rock of Love Bus. 

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Bret’s heard the feelings of the ladies last week on “Duet to Me One More Time,” hoping he could find the one girl he’d make sweet music with.  The girls had to write their own songs expressing their affection for the Poison frontman, and even sing it on stage with him.  Taya pulled off the performance with her voice, Jamie went for what Bret calls “spirit,” while Beverly managed to come up with a catchy tune.  It was crowd-favorite Mindy who lacked the confidence and musical talent to win the challenge. 

While Beverly and Taya were deemed victorious and had a chance to go on a Texas music fest with Bret, the other two contestants stayed in the hotel room.  They staged a photo shoot with guitars and lingerie, intending to give Bret a copy of their best shots when he returned. 

As expected, he enjoyed the pictures Mindy and Jamie gave him, as well as his time with Beverly and Taya.  But come elimination time, it’s the fangirl Beverly who’s asked to leave.  Now there are only three of the brunettes left, and we’ll get to see who gets booted out on the new episode of Rock of Love Bus, airing tomorrow at 9pm on VH1.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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