After being stalled for some five months or so, the sixth season of Project Runway may finally be on its way, after warring camps NBC Universal and Lifetime have resolved their differences and agreed on terms.

E! Online reports that a statement from NBC Universal said they’ve resolved their disputes with the Weinstein Company and Lifetime.  “The Weinstein Company will pay NBCU for the right to move Project Runway to Lifetime.  All of the parties are pleased with the outcome.”

The Weinstein Company, who produces Project Runway, announced in October that they were moving the show to Lifetime but NBC Universal, who owns Bravo, claims that the Weinstein Company is violating their contract rights, and the two companies have been battling in court ever since.  The new deal guarantees tat Project Runway will stay in Lifetime for the next five years.  It also includes stipulations on the show’s spin-off series Models of the Runway.

Project Runway’s sixth season was originally slated to air in January (and before that November), but now will premiere in summer instead.  A string of legal issues, including injunctions and motions to dismiss, pushed the season’s debut date.

The already completed sixth season reportedly features several high-profile guest judges, including Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, and Rebecca Romijn, while Nina Garcia and Michael Kors will only appear in a handful of episodes.

“I want to personally congratulate Jeff Zucker and NBCU on their success in the litigation and thank Jeff for resolving this in a professional manner,” Runway executive producer Harvey Weinstein said.

“All of us at Lifetime are thrilled to move forward with Heidi, Tim, Nina, Michael, the Weinstein Company and the entire Project Runway team,” Lifetime CEO Andrea Wong said.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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