A brand new suspect emerges as the person who did the bombing of Grand Central in this episode of Quantico, “God,” after Caleb jumps into the investigation. The running theme for the entire episode centers around the class at Quantico learning how to carry out live surveillance. Nimah and Simon get closer and eventually they get a little too close. And we see exactly why Ryan is with Nathalie instead of with Alex now that the class has left Quantico.

Finally, Miranda Shaw’s son is officially out of prison and she’s anything but relieved that he’s finally found his freedom. Will mother and son be able to find a way to coexist or will their relationship continue to be a bit of a powder keg?

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Here Comes Caleb

As the episode opens, Alex and Shelby are talking about just who from their class might have actually framed Alex for the bombing. Alex points out that Caleb could have been around and no one knows where he was during the bombing. While Alex is talking to Booth about getting her hands on a video of what really happened at Grand Central, he explains that there are only a certain number of people who have access.

Caleb makes his triumphant return and he’s clearly managed to resurrect his career as he refers to himself as an up and coming agent. As he reports for duty, he talks to deputy director Clayton and it’s divulged that the deputy director is actually his father!

Back during training at Quantico, we see the trainees pair off in their various romantic involvements. Alex and Ryan are going strong, as are Shelby and Caleb, though their relationship appears to be purely sexual. Caleb acts as though he likes the way their relationship is going, but he’s also getting a bit jealous when she starts talking to another trainee.

Pillow Talk

As the trainees set up a house for a surveillance operation, Shelby, Alex, Simon, Ryan and Nimah are all talking about their various relationships. Nimah, for one, is confused over all the talk about nothing more than sexual experiences because she has made her choice and wants to have something more. Pan over to Simon, who is staring at Nimah with the unmistakable look of someone who is suffering through a major crush.

Liam O’Connor Tries to Be a Father Figure

Charlie Shaw has made sporadic appearances in previous episodes, but he’s front and center in this one, having just been released from jail on weapons charges. After Liam O’Connor and Miranda have a conversation about how uncomfortable she is with Charlie back in her house, Liam tries to play the father figure and talk to Charlie about what happened. The talk goes spectacularly poorly as it’s divulged that Shaw’s son understands there was some kind of love triangle between Charlie’s dad, Liam and Miranda.

Later in the episode, Liam takes a much more aggressive approach, explaining that he knows Charlie was at least thinking about shooting up the school. Charlie has maintained that his mother made this story up simply because she wanted him in jail. Liam makes it clear he doesn’t believe him and gives him a speech about how much he appreciated Miranda doing what she did because he can actually talk to his daughter rather than mourning her death. Liam lets it slip that he hasn’t been the best father, but at least he can try and fix that because Charlie was stopped.

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Watching the Watchers

In the present day, Simon puts some spyware on Caleb’s computer so that Alex can see everything he is looking at during his investigation. Alex quickly realizes that Caleb isn’t looking at the day of the bombing but is instead looking back days before the attack. Shelby, who is back with Alex after paying a visit to headquarters, starts to get noticeably nervous and it turns out she has reason to be, as Caleb stumbles across surveillance video showing Shelby and his father kissing. Shelby later divulges that she and Caleb’s relationship went south because he knew she was having an affair with someone, but he didn’t know who until now. His comments earlier in the episode that his father was suffering through a mid-life crisis seems to indicate he already had his suspicions and the video just confirmed them.

Back during training, Miranda is attempting to run surveillance on her son, but Liam finds her bugs. He informs her that what she’s doing is illegal and she has to stop. Instead of stopping, she comes up with a more legal way to do this. She turns surveilling herself into an exercise for the group. Ryan and Alex are parked outside Miranda’s house when he goes to fix some equipment and is discovered by Liam. This turns out to be a rather big mistake for both men, as Liam spills the beans about Ryan working an OP on Alex while Alex is sitting in the surveillance van listening to everything. This appears to be the turning point in that relationship and the reason Ryan and Nathalie got together.

Nimah’s Secret is Revealed

Away from the hustle and bustle of the surveillance operation, Simon and Nimah are getting closer than ever before. Simon tells Nimah that he just found it easier to let people think he was gay. This turns into a talk about whether or not Nimah trusts him, and as proof that she does, she removes her scarf (a big no-no for her religion in the presence of a man) and literally lets her hair down. The scene ends with the pair sharing a sweet kiss.

Everything seems to be coming up roses for Simon and Nimah and their burgeoning romance right up until the next day. Simon, feeling as though they are totally comfortable with one another, barges into Nimah’s room and discovers her twin sister. After an entirely appropriate freak-out, Nimah’s sister manages to trap him in a closet and we’re left wondering if that’s why Simon and Nimah apparently didn’t end up together.

Does Nimah Have an Even Bigger Secret?

As the episode draws to a close, Caleb is satisfied in his hunt to prove that his dad was having an affair with Shelby and moves on to actually attempting to find the bomber. Caleb apparently doesn’t really suspect Alex either as he continues searching footage well before the bomb went off. His search ends when he finds yet another former Quantico trainee at Grand Central.

One of the twins was there just two days before the bomb went off. It appears she’s casing the joint. Despite this find, it doesn’t appear the trouble is anywhere close to over, as Nathalie informs Liam that she knows Ryan has been working with Alex while he’s been investigating the bombing.

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