Earlier this month, several of the cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were involved in a physical altercation at a Posche store opening in New Jersey. Now at least three of them could face charges for physical assault.

Housewife Jacqueline Laurita, her husband Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga, husband of housewife Melissa Gorga, were all participants in the altercation against a man named John Karagiorgis. Right now, a Ridgewood judge has ruled that there is only probable cause in a case against Karagiorgis to pursue charges of harassment, assault and making terroristic threats.

The same judge will determine whether Karagiorgis has probable cause to file charges against the three RHONJ cast members. According to Karagiorgis, he suffered a broken nose, bruises, lumps and head trauma as a result of the fight. He also contends that Jacqueline “smacked him in the head with a stiletto heel, and that her husband threatened his life.”

According to Jacqueline’s testimony made earlier last week, Karagiorgis lunged at her and threatened to kill her. But before anything got violent, he had been harassing her on Twitter.

“Somehow, he was fixated on me and the other cast members, and would show up at events and run his mouth, saying things about me as a mother, telling me to stay off social media,” Jacqueline testified.

“He’s obsessed with us, and he’s stalked us for years,” Joe Gorga said of Karagiorgis. “I get phone calls at night. It’s to the point where my wife has gotten depressed over it. This guy needs to be prosecuted. This is¬†cyber-bullying.”

According to an original report of the incident from Radar Online, things got out of hand after Karagiorgis accused Chris and Jacqueline Laurita of making up their son’s autism diagnosis for the attention.

“Jacqueline kicked off her shoes and b*tch smacked Jonathan on the back of the head,” an eyewitness told Radar. “Bowls were broken, glass everywhere. Security finally escorted a very bloody Jonathan out of the party. There was blood everywhere, on the floor and even on the walls.”

Not surprisingly, Jacqueline’s testimony differs from the eyewitness account.

Jacqueline testified that Karagiorgis was “asked not to attend but showed up anyway with a bodyguard” and he was “looking for a fight.” After the altercation, she claims that Karagiorgis lunged toward her and threatened to kill her.

There has been no word on whether the brawl was captured on film or not, which seems like it might be considering RHONJ usually includes at least one Posche event in their season. There is also the conspicuous absence of a season 5 video preview from Bravo (even though one usually accompanies the announcement of a premiere date) to consider.

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(Image courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV