I’m sure by now, even the most die-hard Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are sick to death of the Adrienne Maloof exit drama, but in a preview for the RHOBH reunion special, Andy Cohen officially announced Adrienne’s status for next season.

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Andy directed his speech to the camera and it seems the other housewives were all hearing everything for the first time as well.

“Well, today we are missing one of the housewives who has been with us since the beginning,” Andy started. “Adrienne Maloof has decided not to participate today. This season was hard on Adrienne, as you all know.”

Andy goes on to talk about the reason why the season was so hard for her, referring to the fact that Brandi revealed a personal secret about her family. Although he doesn’t address the incident specifically (as no one has throughout the season), he does say that fans probably know what happened if they read the tabloids. As we’ve reported on previously, Brandi claimed that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her three children. But it seems like that is something Bravo will never confirm, probably for legal reasons.

“A secret about her family was revealed by Brandi, and from that moment on, Adrienne refused to speak directly about it,” Andy said. “We know that frustrated you in the audience and it frustrated all of us too.”

Then Andy revealed Adrienne’s future on the show, something that seemed to shock the other housewives at the reunion.

“But Adrienne won’t be here to tell her side of the story. Not only is she absent tonight, but she won’t be on the show next season. Adrienne Maloof’s final act as a housewife is not showing up tonight.”

While all this is information that has already been leaked through the tabloids, it should be noted that this is the first time casting news for any of the Real Housewives shows has been aired on a reunion show by Andy, who tends to try and remain neutral, if not completely quiet about casting decisions. Usually, fans are left speculating about the state of the cast up until the moment a new season is officially announced.

This personal message from Andy seems to give a little more credit to the fact that Adrienne might have been fired by execs for not showing up to the reunion, as opposed to choosing to leave like she originally claimed.

Anyway, Adrienne or no Adrienne, look for plenty of fireworks at the reunion!

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Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV