Emily may have lost her way a little on her way to revenge as she struggled to stay alive and be fully aware among the Graysons. And she seemed to be back on track as of late, but this whole Pascal thing has really thrown her for a loop. Who is he, really? How was he involved in the David Clark scandal? Will Emily ever get her revenge? So many questions.

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This week’s episode of Revenge starts off in Aiden’s nightmare. He’s dreaming of when he was a little boy and he entered the shed and found his father’s blood and corpse. When he wakes up, he’s on Emily’s couch and looks a hot mess. He even looks like he smells bad. Like sweaty man. 

He’s desperate to find out more about how Pascal was involved in the David Clark scandal, and also his own father’s death. He tells Emily he spent a lot of his life thinking his father was a terrorist for putting a bomb on that plane, until he found out his sister had been kidnapped and his father was blackmailed. Even though he was innocent, Aiden thinks his father took the easy way out by killing himself.

At Grayson Manor, Victoria and Pascal have spent lord knows how many days/nights doin’ it. She tells him that she regrets ever marrying Conrad for all of the wrong reasons.

Conrad shows up to talk to Pascal, to make sure he’s still willing to hold up his end of the deal now that he helped him nail his ex-wife. Pascal tells him to buzz off, that he has business contacts of his own in North America and he doesn’t need Conrad’s help. Especially because the Grayson brand is still damaged.

Daniel finds Charlotte and her bangs sulking in the pool house. Charlotte’s irritated that Daniel dragged her into his plot to play Margaux against Jack. She says she’s not backing off, though, because Jack has never been anything but kind to her and Carl is her nephew. Daniel warns her, though, telling her she’s defending someone who has been trying to help Emily ruin their family.

Across the Pond

Aiden and Emily go to visit his mother in London to maybe find some clues about his father’s involvement with Pascal. He tells his mother that she’s his fiance, and she’s happy to see him, although he’s been away for eight years. He suggests that it might be helpful for them to talk about the past, but she’s not open to it. He thinks it may have been a mistake coming; he doesn’t want to cause her any more pain.

Emily gets a chance to talk to Aiden’s mom while she’s cleaning teapots, because that’s something British people do. She basically tells her that there’s no helping Aiden because he’s too damaged after he found his father’s body when he killed himself. Emily is surprised to learn that he was the one who found him. She’s also surprised to learn that Mrs. Mathis still thinks there’s a possibility that Aiden’s sister, Colleen, is still alive.

Back in the Hamptons, Jack is celebrating buying his first home. Margaux doesn’t seem as excited, though. She leaves lunch in a hurry to go to a photo shoot and forgets her new house keys.

At the photo shoot, she’s upset to find out that her brother, Gideon, is in Miami doing some negotiations for her father. She can’t believe Pascal’s grooming him for the job that she is way more qualified for. Pascal says he can’t give her that job if she’s too busy being a wife and a step-mother. Margaux reminds him that not all women are like his Victoria, who is probably waiting patiently for him to return from a day at work. Zing!

After Pascal leaves, Margaux takes out some of her anger on an unsuspecting coffee table. Daniel’s there to comfort her and talk her down, and of course, Jack arrives just in time to see it. He accuses Margaux of being a little too close to Daniel, and she tells them that they’re just friends and that she doesn’t like jealous men. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m a bigger Margaux fan with each passing episode.

Cell Block Tango

Victoria isn’t waiting at home for Pascal like Margaux suggested. She’s visiting Mason Treadwell in jail. She wants to know what Mason knows about Emily Thorne and he tells her that he was very interested in her at one point. But he’s not telling her his secrets unless she can get him out of jail by the end of the month.

Mason contacts Emily and tells her that she has 24 hours to make good on her end of the bargain, where she clears his name so he can write her story of revenge. Emily’s still in London, though, with Aiden. The two found the name “Oscar Chapman” written on Aiden’s father’s work bench, but they don’t know who that is or what it means.

At Nolan’s, he’s working on a contract for a new program he’s launching with Javier. His lawyer sent over a business contract that states Nolan gets 70% ownership. Nolan says it’s a fair deal considering he’s taking all of the financial risk, but Javier thinks he should get more. So he handles it like an adult and storms out of the room.

Charlotte’s suspicions are raised when she comes into the Stowaway to help Jack with his move, and she catches Nolan and Jack plotting with Emily over the phone. And later when she meets with Javier, he tells her that Nolan had him doing work for Jack when he first arrived, breaking into a law office and stealing files. She thinks that her brother can help Javier with his problem, if he tells Daniel some of what he knows.

At Grayson Manor, Daniel makes fun of Pascal for being wrapped around Victoria’s finger. He also puts in a good word on Margaux’s behalf, telling him that his daughter is way more capable of simply running the magazine. His talk has some kind of impact. Pascal tells Margaux that he’s always been awkward with her because of his regret at having her so young. But now he’s ready to hand her the company (especially because Gideon blew his negotiations in Miami and now Conrad’s gotten a leg up). She’s happy to show him her five-year plan for the magazine as well as how she would run things if she were in charge of the company.

Stevie visits Mason in jail as new counsel. She advises him to keep the promise he made to Amanda Clark, but she can’t help him otherwise. She only brings him a few comfort items for his cell. He tells Stevie to tell Emily that he’s going to have to look behind “Door G” to get him out of jail.

Prison Break

At Emily’s urging, Aiden tells his mother that his sister is dead right before he hops a flight back to America. She seems at peace to know once and for all what’s happened to her daughter and the men who caused her family such pain, as well as that the man she married was not a monster.

Aiden’s happy to have had Emily by his side as he dealt with the pain of his past. So of course, the two end up in bed together.

Still in jail, Mason opens up some facial cream that Stevie delivered to him. He puts it on his face and starts choking. But the guards don’t arrive quickly enough. Mason stops breathing. It looks like this is the end of Mason Treadwell, which is a shame because he’s a great character, if nothing else.

Victoria goes to the South Fork Inn to confront Stevie. She knows she visited Mason, and she tells her that she’s responsible for his death. She brings a bottle of gin and sets it on the table before she leaves. She tells her that she should be careful because the people she loves are just as terrible as the people she hates.

Poor Stevie falls off the wagon. Jack finds her half a bottle in because she feels guilty about Mason’s death. Jack assures her that she had nothing to do with it. He wants to help her pack and send her back to LA, to get her away from all of this. She wants him to come with her, and to bring Emily so she stops this craziness. Jack says he can’t leave Emily, he’s helping her now. Stevie tells him that Margaux is right; he is still in love with Emily.

Speaking of Margaux, she brings champagne to Grayson Manor to celebrate her taking over the family business with Daniel. He gives her his famous Daniel Grayson puppy dog eyes and tells her how special she is. But Margaux is keeping Daniel firmly in the friend zone. For now.

Mason suddenly wakes up in the trunk of a car. Hooray! He lives! Nolan opens the trunk and tells him how alive his skin looks, thanks to the Japanese herb that Emily found that makes the body mimic death symptoms for 12 hours. He gives him cash and a new identity and tells him his private jet is waiting to take him away to the Maldives. Before he goes, he asks him if he knows anything about Oscar Chapman, the name Emily and Aiden found in London.

Emily’s in bed with Aiden when she hears from Nolan. He tells her that Mason is in the air, but he told him before he left that Oscar Chapman faked his own death. So the man who knows about Pascal’s connection to everything still may be alive. It looks like everything is coming up Emily. 

Revenge airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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