ABC new show Mind Games is one big confusing mind trick from the start. The show is literally about a company that uses mind games to help their clients, not exactly a stellar premise.

The new show starring Christian Slater and Steve Zahn is one big mind numbing bore. Even after watching the pilot I am still not completely sure what the heck this show is all about. 

Zahn and Slater play brothers. Zahn plays Clark, the bipolar brother with a brilliant mind who has spent years teaching college. That is until he was recently fired for an inappropriate relationship with a student. Slater plays Ross, the brother who used to be all money bags till a Ponzi like scheme landed him in prison for a couple of years. 

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Now the two have teamed up to form a business that helps clients get what they want through mind games. Literally that is the concept and it sounds as ridiculous as the show really is. So many things are happening in the pilot is took me a while to figure out what the premise was supposed to be, yes it is that confusing. 

Not to give too much away but in the pilot Clark and Ross, along with their team, convince an insurance company to approve a never before done surgery. Again sounds far fetched and the way that Clark, Ross and co make it happen is just as unbelievable. First off Clark and Ross’ company consists of one of Clark’s brilliant former students, an actress, one of Ross’s former business buddies, oh and Ross’s ex-wife. 

Adding another whole weird layer to the show is the b-storyline, which is clearly the fact that Ross’s ex, and his brother Clark have a connection. Claire has a way of calming Clark down and it seems through that power (or whatever you want to call it) she has a little thing for him. Basically another element that has no meaning and I as a viewer do not believe it at all. Maybe that will change over the next couple of episodes but the only interesting part is that it drives Ross crazy. 

Don’t let the promo fool you, Mind Games is one big miss. The end gives you a slight cliffhanger that kind of makes me want to watch the second episode but not sure it is even enough keep this show alive. It is sad too because both Zahn and Slater are amazing actors who give killer performances with what they are given. Clearly someone was playing a mind game on them when they were convinced to star in this show, that will no doubt be on life support after episode one. 

Mind Games airs Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC. 

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