Last week on Revenge, Nolan and Patrick pretty much ended it for good and the world became a darker place because of it. But not to worry, Nolan starts this week’s episode off by disguising himself as a candy striper to see Emily in the hospital and brings back a little bit of joy.

He’s thrilled to see that Emily remembers him, and he asks her when she’s going to get back to revenging. She tells him that it’s over and she wants to get out of the Hamptons as soon as possible. The hardest thing about losing her memory, she tells Nolan, is reliving the pain as the memories come flooding back.

Aiden meets his parking garage friend/nurse who was putting her lips all over him last time we saw her. He seems to let her down by telling her that he and Emily re-connected once he came to the Hamptons, but the sexy nurse, Niko, agrees to help keep Emily safe inside the hospital anyway.

Victoria watches over Emily as she sleeps and has a consultation with the doctor, who tells her that while Emily is regaining her memories, she still has no clue what happened the night of the incident. She also says that she’s likely to make a full recovery with the right rehab. That’s where Niko comes in with her creepy Joker smile to tell Victoria that she’d be happy to help. 

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The Eye of the Storm

When Emily wakes up, she is alarmed to find out that she’s now recovering in Grayson Manor, with her nurse Niko there to help. She tells Victoria the last thing she remembers is being at the church taking her vows.

Daniel comes in to see Emily for the first time after she’s regained consciousness. But only after he went to the Stowaway to harass poor Sarah who begs him to leave her alone. She also says that she didn’t try to kill herself, she just got drunk and fell asleep in the bathtub (happens to the best of us), so Daniel shouldn’t try to flatter himself thinking she’d end her life over him. That visit doesn’t end well; Jack sees Daniel and either gets mad at him for giving Sarah a hard time or is still mad because he, you know, shot Emily and punched him in the face.

Anyway, back at Grayson Manor, Daniel is not happy with the moms for bringing Emily home and holding her captive as she recovers. She assures him that she is taking control of the situation so Emily doesn’t tell some orderly what happened the night of the shooting when she does remember it.

Daniel continues his indignant rampage at work, where he snaps at Margaux No Bra, who is surprisingly enough actually growing on me. She is hesitant to print a story that points to Lydia as Emily’s shooter, but Daniel tells her to follow her instincts and report the story before they get scooped.

Back at Grayson Manor, Niko exposes herself as Takeda’s daughter to Emily, because of course Takeda had a smokin’ hot daughter who has also banged Aiden. Niko assures her that she’s there to help the only student who her father took a real interest in, but Emily tells her she’s done plotting for now.

Conrad also visits Emily on her sickbed. He tells her that when memories of the accident start coming back to tell him first. “You’ve already gotten two bullets in the stomach, now you need to watch your back,” he tells her.

Bad Mama

As badly as Victoria wants to get into Nolan’s safe to get Emily’s Infinity Box, she doesn’t want to put Patrick at risk by letting him be the one to steal it. She wants to keep him out of this mess, admitting to him eventually that Lydia didn’t shoot Emily, Daniel did. Patrick is mad at Victoria for not telling him the truth and mad at her for choosing “her blood over her bastard.” Victoria isn’t used to letting any man speak to her in this manner and she slaps some sense into him. She tells him she’s only trying to protect him from Emily Thorne.

Scorned by mama, Patrick goes running back to Nolan with his tail between his legs. He tells him he just wanted an honest relationship with his mother, but he should have been looking to future relationships instead of focusing on his past. He wants to have a nice dinner with Nolan, and he asks him if they can spend some time together that evening. Nolan agrees, but like me, he’s suspicious of Patrick’s motives.

Charlotte smuggles Jack and Carl in to the manor for a visit with Emily. She tells Jack that she wants a shot at a normal life and the only way to do that is to pretend like she doesn’t know what really happened. Jack gives her a stuffed golden retriever to keep her company when he leaves.

Sneaky sneak Patrick is on his way to Nolan’s, and he calls his mommy dearest to tell her that he’s getting the safe for her tonight. Niko overhears Victoria plotting on the phone and warns Emily, who has no intention of picking up where she left off. Niko punches her in the stomach, where she’s still recovering from being shot (rude). She tells Emily that it’s not her who caused her that pain, but the Graysons, and she needs to get the revenge she sought to honor Takeda.

At Nolan’s, Patrick tries to get Nolan drunk so he can go for the safe. We’re all treated to a wonderful sexy little moment where Patrick licks spilled martini off of Nolan’s arm, only to realize that Nolan’s been drinking water and is not really drunk. He wanted to keep his senses about him, you see. Oh, Patrick, you’re fine, but Nolan is smarter than you.

But Patrick doesn’t let Nolan’s wit ruin his plans. He can’t disappoint Queen V. He knocks Nolan on the head and goes for the safe.

I Ain’t Saying She’s a Gold Digger

Victoria visits Emily to tell her that she knows both she and Daniel know that she faked her pregnancy, but she won’t press her on that because it’s a private matter between her and her husband. But because of the location of the bullet, Victoria tells Emily that she will never be able to conceive. She also uses it as an explanation as to why Daniel’s been so distant; he can’t bare that she gave him false hope for an heir and then it was taken away. By him. Because he shot her.

Like a good little puppy, Patrick brings his mother Emily’s Infinity Box. But he tells her he came to get to know his mother, not to get into the Grayson family, and until now they’ve been skipping over the hard parts and pretending everything is okay when it’s not. All he’s ever wanted from her was for her to be honest about his past.

Victoria gets her scheming hands on Emily’s box and what does she find? Ample evidence to suggest that Emily Thorne is indeed a gold digging opportunist who has been plotting to sneak her way into the Grayson family for years. So … not the real Infinity Box. Or at least not its real contents.

Victoria confronts Emily with what she’s found, and Emily admits that Victoria has been right all along. But that doesn’t change the fact that she really loved Daniel when she married him.

Daniel goes to meet Sarah who falls right back into his arms after he tells her the sad story of Emily lying about her pregnancy to trap him into marrying her. So this is going to be a thing now, I guess.

Margaux is having breakfast with Jack at the Stowaway where she is complaining about making a deadline, because that’s apparently something that serious journalists, like her, have to worry about. Jack sees the story about Lydia and discourages her to print it because it isn’t the truth. He then tells her that Daniel is the one who shot Emily, and he knows because Emily told him.

Here’s to You Mrs. Grayson

The Graysons are puzzled when they’re bombarded with press at the manor. Emily says it was her who summoned them, and goes on to tell them that she wanted to set the record straight about her shooting. It was Lydia, she tells them, and she and her husband are offering a $10 million reward to anyone who can capture her.

Emily contacts Nolan through her walkie talkie hidden inside the stuffed dog Jack gave her. She thanks him for switching the contents of the Infinity Box, and he’s just glad to know she’s not laying over dead.

Emily goes to her beach house to get some of her things and meets Aiden there. She tells him that she needs to end it with him, and keeps accusing Lydia of shooting her so she can save face with the Graysons and continue her revenge. She says she was wrong to promise Aiden a future, when her future is here. She had to stay after the Graysons took her father, her mother, her best friends, and now her chance at having any children. “Hate is like love, you can’t force it and you can’t fight it,” she tells him. “You just have to embrace it when it comes along.”

Of course, Aiden does not take getting dumped very well. He runs back to Niko, who’s staying at Takeda’s old place, aka the place where Aiden killed her dad. She says something doesn’t add up about her father’s death and being around Emily has made her want to exact revenge on the killer. Aiden’s response? Have rebound sex with the person whose father he killed.

Margaux is mad at Jack for making her miss her deadline and then getting scooped by Emily herself. Jack apologizes for getting involved and is obviously disappointed when he finds out Emily is back to her old revenge ways.

Conrad is up to some shady business with a woman in the back of a car who he pays a great deal for “taking a big risk.” More on this in future episodes to come, I suppose, but I can only gather it has something to do with Lydia.

Emily calls a meeting between her, Daniel and Victoria. She says that she hopes they understand the significance of her press announcement, but that she really knows it was Daniel who shot her. But she says she forgives him and still loves him. And if he doesn’t play along? She’ll retract her statement and have Niko be witness to the “torture” the Graysons caused her while they pretended to help her recover. She tells Daniel and Victoria that she’s not going anywhere. Daniel has an eloquent “screw you” for her and Victoria agrees that they’re at an impasse. At least for now.

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