If it’s attention Charlotte wants, she gets more than she bargained for in episode 2 of Revenge season 4. “Disclosure” sees her make a desperate move, and Emily responds with a very bold confession of her own. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go as she probably hoped it would after all this time.

Meanwhile, David kidnaps Victoria and takes her to a place that reminds me of Bobby’s panic room on Supernatural, Ben sets his sights on Emily, and Margaux plots with Daniel to get rid of her brother. Oh, and Victoria ends up using David, and Charlotte completely loses her mind.

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Charlotte Finally Learns the Truth and Goes Absolutely Crazy

“All I could hear was the sound of my revenge-free summer being strangled to death by a web of thorns,” Nolan laments, but Emily doesn’t have time to plot any take-downs this week or even really worry about the fact that Victoria has escaped because after an awkward elevator ride with Daniel to see if his mother has paid him a visit, her focus is very much on Charlotte. Not only does Gideon have the nerve to be with another woman, but they’re so busy gossiping about Charlotte loudly that they don’t hear her enter the bedroom until it’s too late. “Good riddance,” Daniel says upon learning what happened. Great support, really. When Emily goes looking for her to check in about Victoria, she finds her on the roof and tries to talk her down, but it’s Ben who pulls her off the ledge in time.

Jack then decides to take the doctor’s advice and bring Charlotte to family, all while Charlotte still won’t let that time he was a part of her kidnapping (even though he still denies it) go. However, she has more important things to think about because he brings her to Emily, who tells her, “I’m your sister, Charlotte. I’m Amanda.” The big secret is out, again, as the list of people who know Emily is really Amanda grows longer and longer. Maybe Emily should just issue a press release to make this process go quicker if she’s going to keep telling people.

Emily is clearly hoping for some bonding moments with her sister as she tells her that she just wanted to protect her and felt she didn’t deserve her. She tries to find something in common with her and explains that she knows how she feels, even going so far as to show her the infinity box in hopes that it will give her the strength it gave her. That’s when Charlotte lashes out. “You chose revenge over me,” she accuses her and smashes the box before storming out.

Charlotte’s not wrong, as Emily admits later to Nolan, who argues that she chose her father, not revenge. Since Emily thinks her father’s dead, she thinks she did what she did for a dead man while her sister, very much alive, will never forgive her. Just as Nolan’s trying to reassure her that that will change — just look at her and Jack’s relationship now — Charlotte calls.

Unfortunately for Emily, Charlotte’s not looking for a happy family reunion at the Stowaway. Instead, she distracts Emily by giving her something to read before knocking her out and setting fire to the bar. “Goodbye, sis,” she tells her before leaving and telling bystanders that no one else is inside. Well, Jack won’t have to worry about taking time to fix up the bar anymore. 

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What Does David Want with Victoria?

By the end of the episode, the better question is, what does Victoria want with David? Or maybe, how will Victoria use David to suit her needs? “Disclosure” begins with her dreaming of him choking her in his old house, and when she wakes up in a van with him, she takes the first chance she has to run. She’s nearly flattened into a pancake by a truck, but he saves her just in time so Revenge can continue. He takes her to a dark, dank, dingy cell, where he’s apparently been living (and marking the days on the wall?), to ask her if she betrayed him. She insists she was heartbroken and tried to go to the DA to testify, but she had no choice.

Even as he tells her he loves her and always will and hugs her, there’s something I find off about him. Maybe it’s that place. It doesn’t exactly scream or even whisper sanity. He doesn’t really give her any answers other than to show her proof that, yes, he was stabbed (look, here’s the scar). He says he’s keeping secrets to protect her and their daughter since he couldn’t protect Amanda. He doesn’t know his daughter is actually alive, and Victoria does nothing to correct him.

Instead, she talks him into leaving that hellhole to go chat in a nearby diner, where she orders steak only to get her hands on the knife. He confesses to killing Conrad after seeing his confession and what he said to their daughter — because a public diner is the place for such a confession — and tells her he did it for her. He would do anything for her, he insists, and she takes advantage of that.

Once they’re back on the road, she tells him she was locked up against her will by someone just as hateful as Conrad, and that person ruined her relationship with Charlotte and her life. Before she can think about a future with him, she needs to stop Emily Thorne, and she says all the right things to get him to insist that she let him help. That’s cold, Victoria, and I can’t help but think she has more lies planned to tell him because how else can she expect to keep him on her side when all Emily has to do is tell him the truth?

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Family Business

Margaux and Daniel want Gideon out of the business, out of town, out of Charlotte’s life and out of their lives (and I want this entire storyline off my screen), and they set a pretty elaborate scheme in motion to get it done, one that takes up far too much of the episode. First, Daniel takes out his rage on his car by slashing all four tires (overkill much?) and then on him by pinning him to the wall in the restaurant and warning him away from Charlotte.

Then they sabotage his meeting with some company head (honestly, I can’t even bring myself to care because we’ll probably never see this guy again) by having a woman come over and take drugs out of his pocket, all in front of a reporter when Daniel sits down at the bar for a front row seat.

Gideon confronts Margaux and easily confesses to killing the redhead and threatens to do the same to her and her partner, and he easily accepts it when she denies working with Daniel and sets him a second meeting for him, in London, and even offers to book his flight. In fact, he doesn’t find it strange at all that his sister walks him to the security checkpoint and stands there watching until the police find the drugs on him and cuff him. “Au revoir, mon frere,” Margaux bids him adieu. Can we please say the same to this storyline for good?

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Ben’s Obvious Crush

Ben does absolutely nothing to hide his interest in Emily as he brings her up in pretty much every conversation with Jack — even after an awkward silence when Jack mentions that she was friends with his wife. “Hey, Jack, look at these rich cars; hey, tell me about that friend of yours, Emily, and how she’s living in that big house all alone.” “Hey, Jack, what’s Emily’s story? Oh, she’s an ex-con, tell me more!” “Oh, Jack, I helped save Charlotte and hurt my shoulder, think Emily remembers? Think that’s what I need to win her over?” 

When do you think David will realize Victoria’s using him? How crazy do you think Charlotte is? And are you as over what’s going on with Daniel and Margaux as I am?

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