Fans of Revenge might have thought the show was going to run out of steam once it seemed like everyone knew Emily Thorne was actually Amanda Clarke. But now in its fourth season, the ABC nighttime soap is executing some of its best twists yet, many of them thanks to the return of presumed dead David Clarke, played by James Tupper.

Originally inadvertently pitted against his daughter, David is now one of her most consistent allies and seemingly safe from danger with the death of Malcolm Black, season four’s main antagonist. But is he truly safe? And will he once again struggle with the desire for revenge against Victoria?

To find out that and more, I recently spoke with Tupper via email.

James, when exactly did you find out your character, David Clarke, wasn’t exactly dead?

Half past twelve. Kidding. I always suspected it was a plan right from the beginning, but I found out midway through the third season.

How hard was it to keep the secret that you not only would be returning to the show alive, but as a series regular?

That was a whopper. It was impossible to even tell my family. The only way it would have any impact was if it was kept a secret.

Do you think David is hurt that Emily doesn’t want to come out as “Amanda Clarke” to the world?

Yes, of course. David wants to get back the years of her childhood, and part of that is returning her innocence.

David was pretty close to killing Victoria, but has backed off. Will his desire for revenge on her ever rear its head again?

I think Victoria is the love of his life and the memory of her kept him alive all those years in prison. David remains conflicted.

I was really, really surprised that Malcolm Black was killed off so early. Will there be another bad guy to take his place as the chief antagonist for the rest of the season?

Wait. Are you sure he’s really dead? One thing you never have to worry about in Revenge is the presence of a villain.

What other teases can you give us for the rest of the season?

The show’s writers are very clever at winding unexpected plots. There’s a whopper in episode 20. Even I couldn’t believe it.

Do you think there will be a season five? If there is — will David Clarke still be around?

Yes. And yes.

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I was reading in your bio that you didn’t always aspire to become an actor. Where did you get you first get your start?

I’ve actually always aspired to be an actor, I just did a lot of jobs on the way to support the habit. I’ve worked as everything from a bus boy to a carpenter to banquet bartender to all night waiter. Nobody can fire someone from having a dream. My very first start was a children’s theater company that I started myself called Blue Shoe. My first real television role was Men in Trees.

Anything else we should know?

You need to know that if there was an Olympics for disco dancing, I would take the gold.

Revenge airs at 10pm ET on Sundays on ABC.

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