It’s time for all the Little Monsters out there to start freaking out. Mother Monster herself, none other than music superstar Lady Gaga has announced that she’s been cast in season 5 of American Horror Story.

The singer revealed the casting news on Twitter; the Internet has been abuzz ever since and the hashtag she used (#GagaAHSHotel) has been trending. She posted a video with the tweet while also revealing the subtitle for the new season.

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Season 5 will be called Hotel. (Previous subtitles include Asylum, Coven and Freak Show.) What kind of a hotel will this be? Will it be a haunted hotel? What will the guests be like? How much murder will take place within its walls? So many questions, yet it’ll likely be a while before any of these are answered.

Check out Lady Gaga’s video message below, which starts with her wearing a strange covering over her face; she even reprises the monster claw that she and her fans know all too well. The video ends with the name ‘Gaga’ in the AHS stylized font, the logo for the new season and the word ‘October’ — the presumed month season 5 will premiere, which is in line with every season to date.

The fact that she’s been cast on American Horror Story is the only thing we know about her role at this point. As we get closer to the fall, I’m sure we’ll get more teasers and find out more about her character and storyline.

American Horror Story is known for bringing on well-known stars every year. But the addition of Lady Gaga looks to be the biggest one yet. We know her predominantly as a singer. She has done a little bit of acting, though; her acting credits include Machete Kills and Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, uncredited roles in Men in Black 3 and on The Sopranos, and of course her own music videos.

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This news comes on the heels of Lady Gaga’s widely praised performance at the 2015 Oscars, where she paid tribute to The Sound of Music by performing a medley of songs from the musical. People know her more for her crazy costumes, so this performance was a departure, as she sang in a beautiful dress and without any of her usual theatrics. The cherry on top was when Julie Andrews came out afterward.

With the Oscars performance (and her recent duets album with Tony Bennett), many are seeing Lady Gaga in a new light now, and her AHS role could do the same in terms of moving beyond just singing.

Are you excited that Lady Gaga is joining the cast of American Horror Story for season 5? What would you like to see her do in this role? Do you expect she’ll perform on the show at some point? And what do you think of the Hotel subtitle?

American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in October on FX.

(Image and video courtesy of FX)

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