When Revenge season 3 premieres, there will be new agendas, alliances and enemies in the Hamptons. When Aiden was last seen, he was facing off against his romantic nemesis for Emily’s heart. Did Daniel kill Aiden? 

I spoke with Barry Sloane at the ABC All-Star Reception this summer to get the scoop on whether Aiden lived or died that fateful night. And, check out what he has to say about his state of dress or in this case undress!

When we last saw Aiden, it looked like Daniel may have killed him.

It’s going to be an interesting ride this season. In the first few episodes, we’re going to find out exactly what happened whether that’s in flashback or with the two guys talking. We’re gonna know. It’s going to be worth watching. It’s explosive. Intimidating on Aiden’s part towards him I’m sure.

Will Aiden be in the Hamptons?

I can say that when he initially arrives, he arrives in a very unexpected place. You wouldn’t put him there and he’s alongside where he shouldn’t be for a long part of the beginning [of season 3].

When whatever happens between Aiden and Daniel what was Aiden thinking about Emily at that point?

Even though he’d signed off on the engagement and he’s said it’s okay. It’s one of those things where I love that girl and she’ll come back to me. I think his anger’s taken over. And, in that last scene with Daniel I think he reached a crossroads and snapped. And, it’s gonna interesting to see him pull himself back together. That’s what’s going to be interesting for me to play. I think that he loves Emily beyond himself. And, even though it’s cliche to say it, he would die for her. It’s not really about him anymore. He’s lost everything and he’s going to do it for her.

With the time jump, Emily and Daniel are living together, how will Aiden feel about that?

As he does with most things, he’s going to be very moody and very dark and in the shadows and voice his opinion very loudly and smash things. Or, maybe he’ll be smarter and go against the team. 

Hook up with Victoria, maybe to get even?

I’ve been working with Madeline [Stowe]. That’s all I’m saying.

In the first few episodes, who is Aiden interacting with? Is it Victoria?

Yeah. We have to wait and see. All the fans of Aiden are going to have to rework who he is. That’s what will be interesting.

Anything else you want to tease about the season?

Only that everyone is taking their clothes off all the time. It’s crazy. I keep getting scripts where it requires me to take my clothes off. It’s not bad.

Are you by yourself when you’re taking your clothes off?

Who knows? 

Revenge season 3 premieres on Sunday, September 29 at 9 pm ET on ABC.

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