On tonight’s episode of Reign, we witness a wedding, a big fight and another entry in the Henry the mad saga. Often times, around this time of the typical 22 episode season, we get filler episodes. Episodes meant to move the plot along and not offer much momentum. Rather, they set the pieces up for the finale. 

I’m not sure what a filler episode looks like for Reign. There is always a piece of the puzzle that shifts ever so slightly. The game changer this episode? Never saw coming. But it still feels like a filler episode.

Scotland Versus Francis 

Let’s just get it out of the way because this is what I am most interested in. Scotland needs Mary now more than ever, especially as tensions with France and her paramour Francis are high. 

Since the king is as mad as the Mad King (Game of Thrones reference!), Mary and Francis do the dirty work by meeting with a Cardinal for meet rents and tendencies (This part rather bored me, so I had no idea what the importance of the conversation with the Cardinal was). 

And then, Mary gets an unexpected visit from her half-brother James. James is a Protestant, a Scot, and hella handsome. He hates the French (James and my grandmom would have gotten along well). James, I should note, has a Scottish accent while Mary’s mother has a terrible English one, but she is apparently French. So English accent=French in Reign land. Huh. Let that sink in.

James is there mostly to get Mary to Scotland, as it needs their queen. EH, I guess. I mean, most of Scotland won’t see or hear about it for weeks, but whatever. Mary is easily the best at being guilted into doing things on this show (because she is the only with half a conscious) so she is determined to travel to Scotland.

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Francis, to say the least, is PISSED. Worried, but annoyed. Francis asks Mary to wait because his dad is cray and more. An heir for France is important. Mary accuses Francis of putting France before Scotland. Well, duh, Mary: his name is quite literally FRANCE.

Francis asks Bash for advice on the matter after fighting with swords to appeal to the very small heterosexual male viewing population of Reign. Or the girls who like to watch the boys get hot and sweaty! Bash offers his advice: pick Mary over France. If only a king could do that. 

Francis tortures one of James’ footman for info about the Scots and English, after finding suspicious currency. Where is this footman’s loyalty? He’s an assassin hired to kill Mary by a bunch of Englishmen who want James in charge. Oh.

To his credit, Francis comes clean to Mary about the torture and all the information. But she’s so stubborn and guilt-ridden, Mary just has to go back to the place she’s been a handful of times. But not ready to take anything to chance, Francis orders the guards to lock up Mary in the castle until he sees fit.

Woah, there show. I see what you did there. Reign is if but nothing else a crazy cartoon historical fantasy show, but it also understands gender politics of the day. Mary may be royal, but Francis is royal, French, and a boy. 

This is such a game changer because the couple and the country are pitted against one another. Who knew that a couple could break up because of a difference in country? 

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The Pious Plotting

Is anyone else tired of Henry the Mad King? Yes? Well, too bad because that continues tonight. The only good thing about this story, for me at least, is Bash and Kenna. I can’t think of anyone worse for each other than these two. 

Alas, Bash will always be known for trying, so he gives Kenna a wedding ring, a tiny little thing that amuses Kenna. Is it weird that Kenna used to bang his dad on a regular basis? Yep. But dammit, Bash will try to love her (even if he’s in love with his sister-in-law!).

Penelope is still serving and controlling Henry by fulfilling a dominatrix hole in Henry’s life. Henry is tied up when Catherine finds him. “I will not be so demeaned by a woman.” “Yes I can see that.” Catherine is MY QUEEN.

With Penelope, Henry is just cruel, forcing Catherine to give her wedding ring to Kenna. Catherine even lets her keep it because she sympathizes for Kenna, but naturally Catherine enlists Kenna to help get rid of Penelope. 

Using Kenna’s expertise with Henry, she leaks special Henry pleasing “secrets” to Penelope, who promptly puts Henry up into the crucifix position. A Cardinal arrives and things become uncomfortable for the once pious Henry. 

Kenna and Bash bond. The two smooch and snark. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the next carnation of Henry and Catherine.

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Weddings Happen Every Day

Lola’s wedding is here for the episode! Scratch that, it’s in Act 1, so it’s not even a big deal. At all. They are playing Lorde’s “Royals” with a chamber orchestra at the reception (which is in the castle — which makes no sense because no one from Lola’s family comes and also because Lola is not royal). This is Reign’s version of the characters going to a school dance: weddings. 

Lola and her husband are making with the happy but have some disagreements for their wedding post-wedding plans. Julian wants to stay, Lola wants to go on her wedding tour. These two need a pre-nup, stat! Julian has a big sapphire necklace. 

Julian pressures Lola for her dowry. Lola looks into Julian’s past, and discovers he has been married TWICE before. I smell a hungry golddigger. Or at least a very bad sapphire necklace. Anyway, Lola’s dowry is up for grabs for her hubbie, but Lola does not sign off on it just yet. Smart girl. 


– I don’t know what to make of Oliviadamus. (What is their shipper name?). Nostradamus has a vision of a dead Olivia (who is honestly just a French Blake Lively). A viper slithers out to attack her. Then Nostradamus sends Olivia away to save her. I just have zero opinions about it.

– I do have opinions about Catherine. She needs more to do and more screen time, pronto. 

– I wonder when Francis is going to bite it. We are closely approaching the season finale. I’m not paying attention to the timeline in Reign land, but has it been a year yet?

– I think Greer is probably my favorite of Mary’s friends. She needs more to do as well. 

That’s all folks. What did you think of tonight’s Reign? Are you team Mary or Francis? Are you bored with the Henry the mad plotline? Do you wish for some more Greer or Catherine? Sound off below.

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