It’s time to suspend belief! Reign is on! Will we have more love affairs tonight? Will Reign have another attack on Mary? Will Lola find out just what a creep Narcisse is? Will Bash ever find true love? Can Mary move beyond Francis? One thing for sure! None of these will be answered tonight. If they were, there wouldn’t be a need for Reign to be questioning everything.

It’s Time for a Queen!

Mary has heard a rumor that Elizabeth is a man. (Oh, please, not that again.) Well, Don Carlos will not talk of Liz while courting Mary and wants to play “hound and hare.” Mary turns him down which surprises Carlos. Seriously Carlos, anyone could see that you were going to be the hound and Mary would suffer for it. Wait. Wasn’t he a child at this time in history?(Knowledge is suspended.)

Catherine is working her magic trying to get the votes to be made regent. Well, with her skills, I’m sure she’ll find a way. Even though Catherine will always support Mary (which I don’t believe) she breezes into the Privy Council with a plan. Every court needs a scapegoat. If she is regent, everything can be blamed on her. Narcisse calls for a vote, and Catherine is now regent. All behold the queen of manipulation!

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Mary and the Ambassador

Mary, meanwhile, meets the new English ambassador and immediately starts with the accusations. Boy, he is one smart dude. He has a secretary constantly taking notes as they speak. He does stop the dictation when he makes a pass at her. Mary tells him to back off but somehow I don’t see this as over. Our new ambassador sends Don Carlos a letter which makes him decide to leave court.

When Mary finds out that Don Carlos is leaving, she decides to play Don Carlos’ game. He reverses the positions. Instead of the men being hounds and the ladies the hare, it will be reversed. Whoever catches the other sex will fix the prize. As Mary strives to find Don Carlos, Catherine gets some afternoon delight with Cris. Mary has her eyes on the prize (Don Carlos) but gets caught by the English ambassador. He warns her off Don Carlos but I don’t think she will listen.

I was right! Mary goes to the basement and starts to open Carlos’ luggage. When Mary gets caught, she tells Carlos that she wants to know his secrets. And boy are they huge! He loves toys of the risque nature. He wants them to marry and share the fun of his toys. (Okay, how do you write this up for a recap?)

At first, Mary refuses but Catherine convinces her to try. Catherine can’t offer help now because of the power struggle, but she will help Mary understand the game. Going to Don Carlos, they prepare the scene with Mary adding the blindfold. After that is tied in place, Catherine gets her dominatrix on by whipping Don Carlos. He hears a second woman’s voice, rips the blindfold, and accuses Mary of betrayal. As he tries to stand, he falls on his toy and they think he is dead. Instead, he is going to need some surgery or history is finally getting back on track with him. His shoulder has wood impaled in it!

Narcisse, Catherine, Cris, and Lola

It doesn’t take long for Narcisse to find Catherine after the regency meeting who offers an affair and the position of Lord Chancellor of the realm. Narcisse should be happy. He seeks power and would have it as a second highest controller of France. Catherine’s new lover, Cris, overhears everything and goes to confront Catherine. Wait, no it’s time for a love making session. (Catherine gets more action than any older Queen that I have seen!)

Later, during the game, Narcisse finds Catherine in a compromising situation with Cris. Wait. What is he doing playing this game? He’s a married man. That doesn’t stop him though. Back at the castle, he confronts Catherine about her little boy toy and she tells him to take power. Later this comes back to bite her. During the final vote on the regency, Catherine is accused of poisoning Francis. Just as she told him, Narcisse volunteers to be regent and he gets the position. Power hunger shows in his eyes as he declares himself King. Sheesh! Power goes to some people’s heads quickly.

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Bash Is Searching

Reign has to talk of the dead King. As Bash gets upset with Delphine, he is told of a killing in the village. Both he and Delphine travel there and she senses the murderer’s plan. ( Am I watching Reign or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?) Entering the town, Delphine senses where the next victim will die and sees her entering Greer’s business. While Greer won’t shut the business’ doors, she will help set a trap. It looks like the trap doesn’t work and all leave. Greer goes out after Leith and gets attacked. Bash runs to help her but misses the real killer. He has tricked them again! As Bash goes out to check on Greer, Delphine is attacked. I think I know who the killer is. Show of hands if you think you know! No wait! With the commercial came safety. Delphine not only doesn’t die in Bash’s arms, she lives to kick again another day. But will she stay with Bash? No–she’s ready to run!!

Back at the castle, Delphine tells Bash that she is leaving but he convinces her to stay. Wonder how long that will last if Greer’s little secret is what I believe it is. The real question is: Does it belongs to Bash?

Next time on Reign in 2016:

Reign returns to the schedule on January 9, 2016. Mary must make a decision. Will she stay in France and face the consequences or return to her throne in Scotland. Will we immediately know? And where will Catherine and Narcisse end up?

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