It’s finally summertime! And your favorite Real Housewives are just getting warmed up. Here are what some of the ladies have been up to lately:

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Teresa Tells All

While Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey waits to find out if she’ll go to jail or not after pleading guilty to fraud (the sentencing is on July 8), she’s working on a tell-all book that will document what she and her family has been going through during their legal hardships. 

“Teresa is working furiously on a book about what’s going on now with her,” an insider told RadarOnline. “She’s been approached and offered big money for her tell-all. Teresa’s covering all of the tough times that she’s going through. Everything, including how she’s prepping the family for jail time for Joe and maybe even her, which she is praying doesn’t happen. And she’s going to admit everything that really happened as well as her fears about jail.”

Teresa has already written three cookbooks since being on The Real Housewives, all three of which were New York Times bestsellers. Maybe with enough book sales, she can chip away at her massive debt.

George in Love

Aviva Drescher’s father, George Teichner, 76, has been making a splash on The Real Housewives of New York City since he first appeared last season. Now he is defending his engagement to 25-year-old Dana Lavette Cody (or known on the show as simply “Cody”).

“Soon comes the wedding,” George told Us Weekly. “As to my love for Cody: all things rise from her, exist in her and merge into our relationship. As to the naysayers, jealous women and just plain Stoopids, I emphasize to such now: things that are not definable, that cannot be delineated, are usually dismissed as false.”

George maintains that the two are still engaged and making plans to wed, and that money has nothing to do with the love they share.

“I believe that Cody and my father are truly in love, and while it may be unconventional, I support my father,” Aviva said. 

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White Magic

Dina Manzo is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season after not appearing on the last three, and she’s had some changes in her life since the first go-around. For one thing, now she practices magic.

“I actually do magic, I’m a white witch,” she told Bravo. “I’m not Wiccan or anything crazy. I do rituals with the sun and the moon and the seasons.”

Not only that, but she has an interesting way of practicing.

“I’m usually naked,” she said. “And I do it at night. And depending on where the sun and the stars are and everything, you do different rituals to bring on good things. You never use it to do bad, so even if anyone is annoying me really bad, I can’t use the magic for bad.”

All right then.

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