Hell’s Kitchen is hinting that love blooms tonight. We’ve seen this theme before on other shows and it usually fizzles very fast. With the way these guys throw each other under the bus, I doubt any “love” will survive one service. Let’s sit back with our popcorn and see if true love survives dinner service.

After Service

The Red Team may have survived but are still nervous. They decide that they need to act as a team. My question: Do they know what a team is? After the team talk, Mel and Anton stay at the hearth and flirting starts. Mel is convinced that Anton and she will make it to the end. Wait! Isn’t this Hell’s Kitchen? Big Brother hasn’t started yet.

Team Competition

Two rapping delivery men arrive with presents from Chef Ramsay. It’s “Make Your Own Menu” day so no competition. Each team must come up with a fine dining experience featuring appetizers, entrees, and desserts. This competition seems a little early, but no. The season just seems to be dragging along.

The Red Team seems to be a disaster zone. For every dish Anton suggests, Mel shoots him down. Ah, love is gone already. They decide on a butternut squash risotto but entrees develop the potential for disaster when Joy demands to have fried chicken. Scott reminds her of what happened last time, but Joy won’t be swayed. It’s going to be tuna sliders (a Joy and Mel dish) and fried chicken. The Blue Team doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting its menu together except for Rochelle’s lack of interest. She’s checked out.

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The Sampling 

In the kitchen, each team rushes to prepare sample dishes. Anton is trying to figure out the tuna sliders while the Blue Team moves quickly. Ramsay arrives to look at the Red Team’s dishes. He has problems with two raw appetizers and the chicken dish. I must admit that I’d be scared of this team’s chicken dish. Ramsay tells them to “sexy it up.” Yes, Ramsay said that.

Next up is the Blue Team’s dishes with the risotto getting a thumbs up. Ramsay likes every Blue dish except the crab cake. The crab cake looks bad and Ramsay warns that it is a danger zone.

As the team starts prep, Rochelle has a breakdown. Jason and Richard tell her to calm down but she’s losing it fast. Both teams break for lunch but Rochelle cries in the bedroom. Kashia tries to offer comfort but Rochelle admits she’s not use to the environment or pressure. At least Rochelle is now calm.

Dinner’s Up

As service starts, Ramsay tells all that tonight is about their menu and rests on them. Guests can choose from either menu. The Red Team’s menu features butternut risotto, New York strip, and scallops. The Blue Team’s menu has mushroom risotto, surf and turf, steak, and clam cakes. The Blue Team’s menu is popular. When an order finally comes in for the Red Team, Ramsay tells them their dishes may not be popular but not to mess anything up. Ramsay, you better give Mel a special lecture on this. She plans to take Anton down.

Both teams continue to get dishes out. On the Blue Team, Jason is worried about Rochelle and watches her closely. Rochelle’s risottos are going out fast. Over on the Red Team, Anton has risotto with Mel trying to distract him at every opportunity. When her scallops come up wrong, she blames Anton. He quickly sees that Mel thinks he’s a threat. Even with all that, Anton still helps her when she runs out of scallops by going to the Blue Team and getting some of theirs. Kaisha’s steaks are a success as is Joy’s dreaded chicken.

The Blue Team is having their own problems. After starting appetizers strong, Gabriel just can’t cook meat. If he gets it right, Richard messes up. They just can’t seem to win. And basket case Rochelle has pulled it together and solved garnish problems. It takes all kinds.

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The Elimination

After feeding all guests, Ramsay tells the Blue Team that they came out strong but finished weak. Red came out weak, but finished strong. The Red Team is declared the winner. The Blue Team must put two up for elimination. Joy, Kaisha and Mel must decide which one of them will join the Blue Team.

Richard is asked for the nominees. He tells Ramsay that he and Gabriel are up. As both step forward, you can see discouragement on Richard’s face. They plead their case and Richard is sent home. The ladies are asked for the volunteer’s name. Surprise ¬†— not — it’s Mel. She joins the Blue Team and tells us she is coming with a vengeance. Personally, I don’t think she’s that good. Ramsay tells all they can’t hide anymore and Jason celebrates Richard’s departure.

Next Time

Red Team has a problem with their meat. Did Kashia just quit? A dish is so bad that everyone looks sick. Could this be from Gabriel? Andi and Anton get into a fight and it looks like his time may be up.

Watch an all Hell’s Kitchen next Thursday at 8pm on FOX.¬†

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