Jill Zarin hasn’t been on The Real Housewives of New York City since season four but considering all the off-camera drama she’s been having with Ramona Singer, it’s as if she hasn’t left at all. The RHONYC alum, who is expected to make an appearance this season, opened up about her current situation with Ramona on the podcast Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald.

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Jill recalled that when she was planning her annual party in the Hamptons last summer, which included Housewives from all over the country, Ramona asked if she could be invited. Jill then invited Ramona and her daughter Avery to come along but then gets an email from Ramona the night before the party, saying she wants to invited two other people whose house she’s staying in instead of her daughter or else she won’t be coming. 

“First of all, I never invited you. You invited yourself. Second of all, I happen to really like the two people you’re staying with, and that was a miss on my part. So yes, you can bring them, but not because you’re subbing them for your daughter. I invited your daughter because I invited your daughter,” Jill said. 

Jill also said that Ramona complained to her via email after the party about not receiving the correct gift bag. Still the two Real Housewives stars appear to be in good terms when they ran into each other after that, even when Jill found out she was not invited to Ramona’s birthday luncheon in November.

 “I do nothing, and the winter goes by,” Jill explained. “Now the show starts. And I’m good with Ramona. I don’t want to start with Ramona. I don’t want to fight with Ramona. We’re all good. We say hello. We kiss hello. It’s all fake and phony, and it’s all good. Then the show starts, and I guess people heard that I’m doing a cameo this season.”  

According to Jill, Ramona isn’t happy about her return to RHONYC because she “felt like I stole thunder away from the cast.” Ramona even said during an  interview on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show that Jill is “desperate to be on the show again.” However, Jill denies this.

“And I was like, ‘You f***ing bitch. You did not say that.’ First of all, she happens to know what I’ve been going through this winter with Bobby [Jill’s husband, who continues his battle with cancer]. I mean, you saw Bobby. It’s been a rough winter. Dying to get back on the show? No. Wanting to do a cameo? Yes. I did do it,” Jill said. “So instead of her being nice and saying, ‘Oh, we’re so glad Jill came back to do a scene or something,’ that’s what she says. So now, gloves are off. I’m done being nice, and no, she will not be at my party this summer. She’s not being invited.” 

What do you think of Jill’s relationship with Ramona? Are you looking forward to Jill’s return?

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